XP Change Questions


My big question is essentially how are blankets applied in groups when a character would change levels in the middle of their application?

If I play a new 2nd level 25XP character for a weekend and receive two blankets, am I level 2 for all of those blankets and thus level 3 with 37XP? Or do I receive 6 XP, become level three, then receive 5 build for my second blanket making me level 3 with 36 build?

Let's say that I decide to make a different new character but this time I'm going to back blanket the past three months. Are all those blankets applied at level two making me 4th level with 43XP for my first game? Or do I level up between those blankets making me 4th level with 41XP?

I imagine that logistics teams will have a button that they push to apply XP but I'm curious as to the math behind that hypothetical button as these small bits of XP can make notable differences in total XP in the long run.



Chicago Staff
Is there a new doc or calculator with this formula yet?


Chicago Staff
There is a chart it's pretty straight forward. I am sure it can be posted in the next few days without issue.


Level-BP per Blanket
1 - 2 6
3 - 4 5
5 - 6 4
7 - 8 3
9 - 10 2
11 - 15 1
16 - 20 0.9
21 - 25 0.8
26 - 30 0.7
31 - 35 0.6
36 - 40 0.5
41 - 45 0.4
46 - 50 0.3
51+ 0.2

And if you missed the change, in 2.0 to figure your level just drop the last digit of your XP. So 31xp is level 3.