You Are Invited!


Hello everyone!
This is my first time using the dreaming, and it's for something really important and really cool! I am inviting all of you to the best event of the year, I, Catherine With-A-See, am going to be turning 10 years old!! There will be food, there will be games, and a friend of mine is even bringing a special surprise around 1 to beat the heat! The party starts around the midday meal and will last a couple of hours. There will be pin the harpoon on the were-shark, Dodge Ball, and more! Adventurer's and people of Respite are all welcome, If any were-sharks are out there please come!

Catherine With-A-See
Cathrine, it’s Roland.

We talked about you becoming a were-shark. Do you remember what I told you?

To answer my own question before you say “Uhhh, you said it would be really awesome if I did and I could do it?” I told you that you weren’t allowed to until you were out of school and could cast your own ritual to do that.

Aside from that, you will absolutely see me there to hang out and celebrate with you.

That's exactly why you should teach me how to cast a ritual now! Ten years old is plenty old to do big magic, Miss Suzel says it's a whole decade! Think about how cool it will be to be a were shark, or even just to fight one!!

I can't wait for the party!

Cathrine… [Heavy Sighing can be heard]

It takes a long long time to learn how to do a ritual. It takes good grades in school, it takes lots of vegetables (so eat your greens. If I have to suffer through them, so do you.) and the ability to channel High Magic. You’ll have to live for Another decade to get there.

But hey! There’s some cool stuff on the way! Remember that Fortress spell I cast on you the night we met? The one you said was so cool? That will be one of the first spells you’ll be able to cast!

That’s pretty cool, right?

Catherine, it is wise to follow the direction of your surrogate father figure. Further, consider this my positive response to your invitation.