(You Feel That You Are The Target Of A Whispering Wind)

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(You feel as if you are the target of an empowered whispering wind, along with other unknown rituals. A hollow voice echoes faintly on the wind. Those who recognize it feel the sender is Domino Dealer; those who do not recognize the name feel that the voice is connected to a staunch ally of the Selunari.)

“Friends. I do not have much time left. The Kurzinnor have found a way into the last place they belong. For five years, work has been made in secret to ensure that the skies were made right, and that the light of Selunari would come back to Fortannis. Releasing Castle Eidolon from foul hands, navigating the planes to find a pirate's treasure, and many other events were guided by Leodan and I to guarantee that they would succeed, and the stars would remain right.”

“The Kurzinnor have found a way into Leodan’s stronghold, the ancient city of Luna: Lost City of The Moon.”

(The voice pauses to take a jagged breath. The sound of crumbling brick and clay can be heard mixed into a painful sigh.)

“The Oracle of Kurzinnor plans to use the very city itself to call Leodan, so that he might capture him for his own purposes; a scheme that would not only end the balance of Celestial Magic, but would also end the life of the mortal Varen that has kept Leodan in balance for these five years.”

“The Oracle cannot perform his rituals until the planetary convergence that is visible over Caldaria nears its end. Yet on that very day, a way will open that will allow a group of adventurers passage to Varen’s Quarters on Luna.”

“Leodan and I have been working with an elemental named Telos to right the sky. He can help you move around the city and ultimately help you summon Leodan before the Oracle does.”

“All that there is left now is to bide my by time until….”

(Your vision flashes white as you brace yourself on a nearby wall or chair. You feel the muffled weight of a fist crashing through the side of your temple. As you struggle to right yourself, your vision seems to be not your own, as you stare out of the eyes of someone else into a large cold stone room. Are you looking through the eye’s of Domino? Your vision fixates on a metal fist caked in red brick and river clay.)

-“Domino… No rest for you… You will give me what I want… Open the Doors… Give me Leodan.”-

“Gee. Oracle,” Domino says, with what you could only guess was a crumbling smile, “It looks like you are burning through your body rather quickly. I hope you don’t fall to pieces before I do.”

(A second fist crosses your vision. This time the force completely muffled.)

-“I think we have been doing just fine without your help,” the Oracle rasped. “This host will last me long enough…”

(The sound of a dozen footsteps echo into the room followed by the distinct sound of plate armor and steel weapons coming to a halt. A voice from among them speaks out with authority.)

“Oracle. We fought past the hounds and made our way to what looks like an observatory.”


“Once we found what you were asking for we smashed everything so that it could not be used against us.”

(A single Orc comes from behind you, holding a delicate device with many small and colorful spheres dancing across it. Domino’s vision narrows, and from the sound of shifting rubble, you can feel his form tensing in apprehension.)

-“Good. You found what Domino has been hiding from us for over a month now. The gate he built to let the adventurers in.” The Oracle adjusted his robes. “Destroy it.”

(Warm and Colorful lights flicker and die as the device shatters to pieces under a metal boot. Orcs laugh beyond your line of sight. Your vision shudders and blinks. Domino is scared?)

“That was not a gate, Oracle.”

(A dozen muttering Orcs’ voices become silent. The Oracle remains unmoved.)

-“Another Lie?”-

“No Oracle, I did not build the Astrolabe to let people in… I built it to keep *things* out.”

(A violent metallic howl echoes across the chamber as the Orcs shift to attention.)

“The Celestial Hounds are here to guard something more important than Leodan, and you just rang a dinner bell across all of Fortannis. Let us see who comes to feast…”

(Your vision grows dark. The destruction of The Astrolabe must have significantly weakened Domino’s body. You feel his form crumbling as you hear his final words.)

“That was one…”

(As the howl fades, You hear the barking of Celestial Hounds muddle with the roar of countless animals, braying, squawking and roaring in unison.)

“There is two…”

(Your vision returns to normal and find yourself back in familiar surroundings. One of the last noises you hear is a harsh whisper, a vile mix of clicks and scrapes followed by a thunderous noise.)


(Domino’s voice barely registers as the sound fades from your ears.)

“That’s…. three”
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