You put it in your mouth, of course

Oh my! Greetings and Salutations my dear friends, it has been far too long!

For those of you who do not know me, I am Charlais mac Donovan Quintella. Master alchemist, Brewer, Chef and provider of other odds and hmmm... ends, shall we say.

I'm happy to announce that barring any catastrophic events, I shall be at the next gather with may items in tow for purchase. Besides my bountiful bar of both basic and barely believable beverages, I will also be bringing my world famous Elosti Eggs.

Please be assured they are safe for consumption, "though I do suggest chewing carefully", and they come in 3 different flavors.

I am also bringing some special cold cream mixed with coffee bean for late night pep drinks.

Please seek me out if you wish to partake or takepart.

Until then my bold beautiful bravados,


I can attest to the quality of Charlais' Elosti Eggs. They are quite safe. I would like to request one before hand in the event that they sell out quickly.

Oh my dear guild brother Vox,

Thank you for your vote of culinary confidence. I indeed will save you at least one, but I feel obligated to tell you of potential savings. There are 3 flavors, each being 2 silver each. However, should you buy one of each you will only need to pay 5 silver, thus saving a silver. Even though you are likely one of the most wealthy of mist walkers I have met, and will always be much richer then poor old Charlais, I will extend this saving to you, because I like your sense of humor.

See you soon my perfectly pale paramour.


Charlais you are a master of words. As for my current gold worth, a man does not Sell and Tell as it were.

I thank you for the discounted rate. You do not become rich by spending unwisely and therefore I shall take advantage of this lessened cost. I shall endeavor to extend similar discounts to you on my consumable goods I'll be selling at the gather. I'll even guarantee you they will be untainted by my alchemical arts.

It's good to hear your voice again, my friend. I did not get to taste your famous eggs the last time you made them, so I'm quite looking forward to trying them this time around.

Let me know if you have need of anything,

Sefid in training Rayna

It is good to hear your voice once more. I look forward to partaking of your bountiful drinks, food, and company. I'll do my best to let others sample your eggs before buying them all.

Trel Jarina
Alas Charlais, I won't be able to make this gathering. I was looking forward to your late night pep drinks, perhaps next time. Stay safe my friend or as safe as any of us can be.

Hiwa Chulainn Steelclaw
Oh no. Hiwa Steelclaw. This is unacceptable. I hereby charge you with assault upon ones hopes, dreams, and visual stimulation. When next we meet I expect compensation in the way of quiet conversation and long walks along the beach. My lawyer will be in touch.

Till that time, my favored furry ferocity
*Rayna's voice sounds hoarse and raw as she chuckles softly.* Good lord, I missed you Charlais.


My studies hold me at bay, but only barely, my good friend.

Eat the eggs. Eat many of them. They are delicious.

In Service and Jealousy,
Tvard Sendall


Gettysburg Staff
Elosdi eggs? Well at least you should have a good market with any visiting naga.