Your Guide to In Between Game Actions

Everyone can submit a single In Between Game Action (IBGA) prior to the weekend event. Players may expend Craftsman Points to ask additional questions. The details of this are outlined in the Craftsman Package. There maybe times when plot has forum post that maybe interacted with via ibgas. These will have an [IBGA] tag on them. You may use your main action on these.

You may forego your single action to request a response to a letter written by your pc to an npc instead. When writing a letter to an npc, please note on the letter that you're foregoing your action. If you do not, the letter may or may not get a response. In cases where the npc is unable to give a response, we'll notify you and let you you decide what to do.

In addition to the one personal IBGA, players with armies via the Army System can deploy their troops to a specified task. These tasks will get no additional benefit of craftsman skills, and are for patrols and deployment, not assaults.

The goal of IBGAS are to allow you to advance plot a bit in downtime but, ultimately to allow you to set yourself up for pursuing goals further during an event.

Here's a breakup of an IBGA and an explanation of what we're expecting.

Please send your IBGAs to

We request that IBGAS be sent in at least 2 weeks before the event. Failure to do so, may mean you don't get a response.

What should I expect from my IBGA response?

We are playing a live action roleplay game. As such we are trying to avoid situations where you’d lose out on roleplaying. More often than not you should expect a hook for a conversation in game, or a mod to be done in game. You should not expect to complete or make significant progress on plotlines through your IBGA.

Do I get IBGAs for a one day?

No. IBGAs add a bunch of work to the event for us and this means a lot more work for one days.

Do you do winter / summer IBGAs?


Do you post a notice about when the deadline is?

Sometimes. But, it is generally as courtesy to players. It should not be expected. The deadline is 2 weeks before an event.

What’s the earliest I can submit my IBGA?

After the most recent event.

What if there is an event 2 weeks apart?

We try not to schedule are events 2 weeks apart. Although this occasionally happens with one days. You’ll need to get your IBGAs in prior to the one day. Always favor 2 weeks before the event over anything else going on.

What if I’m not coming to the event?

You cannot submit a IBGA.

I have paid for a gold or silver season pass but can’t make an event? Can I submit an IBGA?

No. IBGAS mostly function to set you up with some goals to accomplish during the upcoming event.

What if I submitted an IBGA but now I can’t make the event?

Please give us a heads up about this. If you’ve already received a response, you’ll be last on the list next time you submit one, with the chance of it being skipped.

I’m visiting from another chapter can I submit an IBGA?


What if I missed the deadline?

You’re welcome to submit an IBGA. But, chances are we won’t be able to respond to it.

Can I forward my IBGA email to other people?

We’d encourage you to not directly forward your emails to each other. If you absolutely need to communicate information between game, please put it in your characters words.

What if I want to write a letter to a npc and submit an IBGA?

Your letter might not get a response. If you’re ok with that you’re welcome to do both.

What is the deadline for writing a letter to an npc with a response?

2 Weeks before the event.

If I’m notified that the npc I’m writing a letter to won’t respond, do I get to send a new letter or submit an IBGA instead?

Yes. That’s allowed. But, you’ll need to respond with in 2 days of receiving your notice. You should not take the response to mean anything other then the npc didn’t respond you. Some NPCs maybe simply unavailable for multiple reasons.

Why do you have so many rules about this?

IBGAs are a ton of work for our plot team. This is work that takes away from preparing for the event. We’re happy to let the pcs set themselves up for adventure in game. But, generally we’re not interested in writing you a story telling you what your pc did and how. That takes the fun out of the game itself, and ruins chances for things to happen in game.

Do I have to follow your format? I like <x> chapter’s better…

Yes. Failure to follow the format might mean you don’t get a response. We often try to let people know when there’s a problem. But, there isn’t a guarantee to do that.

Example IBGA
Example: Vincent has three craftsman other skills; Fire Lore, Tracking and Diplomat. Vincent has a small force of 20 standard fighters via the army system.

IBGA for Vincent

My goal for Vincent is to become a Radiance Knight. So I'm interested in getting involved with fire and life stuff. For now I'm going to start by destroying a ton of undead. I have 2 Craftsmen others Fire Lore, and Tracking. Because Vincent didn't want to use this Tracking Craftsman Points he didn't submit a question regarding Tracking.

Telling / reminding us what your characters overarching goals are is a great way to start. It puts the IBGA into context. Sometimes players feel that they need to keep us in the dark about why they do what they do, as if we are their enemies. Remember, our goal is to bring you a rich world full of adventure not to prevent you from doing stuff.


I'm interested in trying to track down a Radiance Elemental. I know there's a library in the capital city so, I'd like to go there to read about areas where Radiance Elementals have been seen in throughout history. I'd like to get an idea about any places I could visit, and/or if I anyone has done anything special to make on appear in these areas.

Again I started with what I'm trying to accomplish. I want to meet a Radiance Elemental. And here's how I think I can do it. Vincent knew about the library, its location, and he was clear about exactly what he was looking for. This is much better then "I'm doing research about Radiance Elementals". This is the bulk of his ibga, and will receive the largest response.

Fire Lore: Are there any large groups of Fire Elementals, or areas known for Fire near Koroshi?

This is a minor question. It sets Vincent up with some additional information or allows him the chance to do some exploration in game.

Army Action: I will have my mercenaries patrol the roads around Three Wells and ensure that merchants and travelers are safe from the rabid wolves in the area.

This action doesn't need to have anything to do with his previous action. It is specific to an area, recognizes the limitations of the size of his force and has them play to their strengths as simple troops. It is a passive action that puts his troops in a location with standing orders.
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