Your one-stop shop for your adventuring needs is coming!


Greetings Everyone!

My name is Sam Gemclipper, I am a part of the Company adventuring guild from Wayside. Several of us are coming out this market and we couldn't be more excited to be traveling to new lands and meeting new people.

We share a strong affiliation with the West Wayside Trading Company. As a result, we are bringing a large amount of production available in stock for sale immediately at competitive prices! Virtually anything from Blacksmithing, Alchemy, Potions, Battle Magic Scrolls, and even a limited amount of Traps are on hand. Come approach one of our members to see if we get the right gear into your hands stat!

Additionally we run the Flaming Skull Tavern for all adventurers that travel through Wayside. So during mealtime this weekend, come try our famous Premium Bottle Service. We are also offering a limited amount of Late Night Food at reasonable prices. Come see Company members for details.