YouTube Channel Soft Start


Asheville Staff
Hey all!
We here at Crossroads are happy/proud to announce the official soft opening of our YouTube channel! Right now, we are is post production of Season One (what we did during 2020 on site) and have footage APLENTY to begin producing Season Two.
Here's what we need from you:
Your art and your talent! We're looking for any past footage of Crossroads events, be it photos, videos, or animation that you'd like to include. While most of the content will be provided by the work that is happening on site, we have a couple of other fun side projects that we'd like to work on as well! Including but not limited to:
Goblin based promotional music videos
Skits, sketches, Alliance QA sessions with staff members
and Fighting/Tactics tutorials.
If you want to help out with the YouTube channel project, reach out to either
Tab Lynn Merkel Jr
Megan Leslie
If you'd like to help out in more of a general capacity, check out some of our sister chapter's donation deals, or if you want to throw some help our way feel free to donate to us through our Paypal system. We'll dish out those gobbies, and make sure your tune is good and kitted/leveled for the restart!
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