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    Hammer & Scales Membership

    Addendum: In the tavern on Wednesday Evening at 7 bells, prospective members may add themselves to the Guild Roster. All dues shall be postponed until the next full gather.
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    Hammer & Scales Membership

    Posted in the tavern, on message boards throughout Fort Alliance, and declared by Town Criers: EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY By Unanimous Assent of the Dragonhold Council, all citizens are permitted Bilateral Membership within the Hammer & Scales and Any Other Guild. Opportunities for Advancement...
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    The Prince Travels to Fort Alliance

    IN- GAME ANNOUNCEMENT: POSTED IN THE TAVERN & COUNCIL HALL OF FORT ALLIANCE: Attention: Citizens of Dragonhold, Prince Malidor will be touring his kingdom over the next month. He will be visiting the following locations on these dates: Fort Anvil, August 22nd (Staying 3 days) The Goblin Woods...
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    Hi there! I live in Utah but have made a donation to the Minnesota chapter. Who should I contact to make sure it was all received? Thanks!
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    The Will of Lord Cygnus Elehenia

    A copy of Cygnus' will has been posted to the tavern in Galandir.
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    Alliance Idaho Teaser

    The moon shines softly above the ocean waters off the shores of Terras. In the bright glow, a single, strange ship appears, its sails torn and its hull battered and pierced in many places by shards of ice. The ship is long, sits low in the water, and has only a single sail, looking like it was...
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    The Arrival of the Esperbrand

    Days have passed. Miles away, from the very heart of the storm, there erupts a cataclysmic concussion. Some event of dread has just concluded, causing the intensity of the storm to increase exponentially. The Veil wails in response, sounding to all who have the ears to hear like the shrieks of...
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    The Arrival of the Esperbrand

    The Veil shrieks. The Esperbrand flares, multi-coloured light exploding out from it as it collides against the Veil. The ripple of a shockwave radiates out from the point of impact, visible to all who look up. The Esperbrand has finally arrived. The skies seem to buckle and blister as the...
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    Posted in the Tavern and around Fort Alliance

    The attached has been posted in numerous places around Fort Alliance and its surrounding communities.
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    A Message from Lord Cygnus

    A messenger in the garb of the West Solus Mercantile Company enters the tavern in the Foreign Quarter of the City of Galandir. He walks to the message board and unfurls a proclamation and tacks it to the board. To my adventurers, I extend my gratitude to you all for what you have done in the...
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    2020 Alliance LARP Utah Fundraiser!

    Are there any other in-game benefits for different tiers of donations?
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    Advertising in The Mistwalker Journal

    Posted in the Broken Drum Tavern: Attention, citizens of Dragonhold! Do you have an event you would like advertised in the upcoming special edition of The Mistwalker Journal? Contact Aden Corso with your event details before the end of the week to have it included! Act quickly! Time is...
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    2.0 Dragon Stamp Magic Items

    Echoing jtsquish's question, which I don't see if it was answered yet.
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    Laws of Dragonhold (Fort Alliance, Malidor's Outpost, etc.)

    Councilor Askeksa, On the subject of Inadvisable Actions (which has a most unfortunate and understated name), I would say that those crimes should indeed be as well defined as any of the Higher or Lesser crimes, nuance notwithstanding, if not in this publication then at least in the official...
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    Laws of Dragonhold (Fort Alliance, Malidor's Outpost, etc.)

    It seems strange that to mock a noble is to invite death, but that treason would be relegated to 'Inadvisable Actions'. Surely treason should be considered one of the Five High Crimes, and mockery of nobility would be one of the Five Lesser Crimes. Additionally, I cannot say how often the crime...