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    Amy, I've missed your presence at games, and am sad to hear you won't be there, but glad you're making good choices for yourself and your health! Doing food prep with you was always one of my favorite parts of the MN game. I have a lot of fond memories of chopping veg with you in the kitchen...
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    May Event Favorites

    Getting to ride Compound Interest, and riding in the cart pulled by Vaelin on the way to grab the tent. I don't get to do much fun stuff anymore as Margrave, and even less when you're the only (higher) nobility in town, so cherishing the little things is in order. Role play with Euthymia, the...
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    Lost and Found

    Had anyone seen a small leather book of poetry?
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    A request

    I will be in Erabella visiting with the Caravan this market day and am willing to lend a hand. Know that I am stepping back from overall politics in this land. I am willing to facilitate talks and give guidance, but my energies are largely dedicated to restoring my manor, working with Euphoria...
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    April 15th Favorites Thread

    Mirwhyne fight with Glenn, Riqi, Isabo, Lorelei, Auryn, and Lydia. It was tough, but we had a good crew for it. It was hilarious to see the look on Rob's face when Auryn went from scared the last time he asked for narrative break to Angry. ( I know Auryn gets the reputation for being soft and...
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    An accounting of Professionals

    I'd like to add a small correction: I have a single rank in both alchemy and trap making, so I technically shouldn't be on this list considering it starts at two ranks. I don't really consider this specialization, but rather the ability to identify and disarm things in a last resort situation...
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    October Favorites

    Getting told by Gerty "Hey, I recognize the layout of this castle - Isn't there a parapet on the second floor?" "Oh my gosh you're right... Hey guys, I'm gonna do something stupid!" and then shooting a quiver of arrows from the second story at invaders down in the courtyard briefly during the...
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    Looking for a Summon Magical Creature rit + Catalyst

    A notice has been posted on many messenger boards across Wayside.
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    Sent mine in a few hours ago.
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    Registration: August 6th Weekend Event: So Turns the Turning

    I'm not seeing myself on the list. Did it work?
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    Copper Auction

    I'll be holding a silent copper auction this upcoming market day for my Cupbearer's task. Any donations above the goal will be dispersed amongst the various communities of Wayside where such monetary aid might be required, such as orphanages, widowers, and vocational training/job rehabilitation...
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    Bookworm Labs - Items and Requests

    I'm always down to help with gathering stuff for you. I'm interested in ordering some enslavement antidotes, I have a feeling we'll need them. -Auryn
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    Donations list for 2021 Season

    For the water cooler covers- what exactly is 'generic size?'