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    Community Engagement

    No I hadn’t heard about DR. It was a larp on the east cost - Dead Legends, a Wild West larp.
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    Community Engagement

    As an option, I have heard of another larp running an even through Discord. They created an OOG chatroom, several IG chatrooms representing various points on the map, and several "adventure" chatrooms. An NPC would occasionally show up in a room and could set scenes using basic narration...
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    This is good information. Thank you. Rambler
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    Rimespring Cave

    I read somewhere about some frozen place called Rimesprimg Cave. Figured I'd look into it since it sounds like a lot of you more experienced types are gonna be looking for some Boneman creature. Anyone heard anything about this place? - Rambler
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    Yeti Hunt in Bomae

    I mean don't get me wrong. It doesn't sound illegal or nothin', so y'all do y'all. Rambler
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    Yeti Hunt in Bomae

    So the plan is to kill some innocent intelligent creature 'cause it's got some neat fur on its body? Rambler
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    Lookin' for a place to sleep

    I don't really know much about this place. Gonna be in town in a few and I need a place to sleep. Any ideas how I can wrangle a bunk? Rambler
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    On Behalf of Their Highnesses of Bomae:

    What's a Desmodu? Any information on them would be appreciated. Rambler
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    Racial web page

    for some reason I cannot get access to the web pages detailing each of the races. For example: This gives me a 404 error.
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    [0.8] Chaining Martial Skills

    Chaining is common because is advantageous. It's allowed by the current version of the rules and is not considered bad form where I have played. Yes I've seen and experienced issues with chained effects. To be clear I'm talking about 4 or more effects. The issues crop up when the effects vary...
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    What do I need to know?

    What happened to the fey? Rambler
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    Preregistration: October 28th Weekend Event - Chain of Memories The Kazik Finale

    When is the menu for the weekend typically posted?
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    Melee combat and Audio Cues

    I am sad that flurry was removed from the playtest. It would have been worth it as an anti-machine gunning rule.
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    Trapping Large Rooms

    Will there have to be a hold? I am not so sure but this is something that can be revealed during the play test. Has anyone actually play tested a "game room" (or rooms) area of effect trap and how did it actually play out? Was a hold necessary, and if so what needed to be resolved?