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    This is good information. Thank you. Rambler
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    Rimespring Cave

    I read somewhere about some frozen place called Rimesprimg Cave. Figured I'd look into it since it sounds like a lot of you more experienced types are gonna be looking for some Boneman creature. Anyone heard anything about this place? - Rambler
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    Yeti Hunt in Bomae

    I mean don't get me wrong. It doesn't sound illegal or nothin', so y'all do y'all. Rambler
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    Yeti Hunt in Bomae

    So the plan is to kill some innocent intelligent creature 'cause it's got some neat fur on its body? Rambler
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    Lookin' for a place to sleep

    I don't really know much about this place. Gonna be in town in a few and I need a place to sleep. Any ideas how I can wrangle a bunk? Rambler
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    On Behalf of Their Highnesses of Bomae:

    What's a Desmodu? Any information on them would be appreciated. Rambler
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    Racial web page

    for some reason I cannot get access to the web pages detailing each of the races. For example: This gives me a 404 error.
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    [0.8] Chaining Martial Skills

    Chaining is common because is advantageous. It's allowed by the current version of the rules and is not considered bad form where I have played. Yes I've seen and experienced issues with chained effects. To be clear I'm talking about 4 or more effects. The issues crop up when the effects vary...
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    What do I need to know?

    What happened to the fey? Rambler
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    Preregistration: October 28th Weekend Event - Chain of Memories The Kazik Finale

    When is the menu for the weekend typically posted?
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    Melee combat and Audio Cues

    I am sad that flurry was removed from the playtest. It would have been worth it as an anti-machine gunning rule.
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    Trapping Large Rooms

    Will there have to be a hold? I am not so sure but this is something that can be revealed during the play test. Has anyone actually play tested a "game room" (or rooms) area of effect trap and how did it actually play out? Was a hold necessary, and if so what needed to be resolved?
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    Trapping Large Rooms

    Zymm (or anyone else really), In your experience with traps today, how does setting off a trap typically play out in your experience? From my experience, it involves a hold while someone figures out who on this field is inside or outside the radius. Holds suck, in my opinion. They break the...
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    Trapping Large Rooms

    I would like to see a little better description of how one rigs up a trap intended for large area (2+ game rooms). Do you have to set each trap individually? Do all the traps have to be contiguous to each other / linked together ? Do I have to rep each trap? If I'm arming one of the traps and...