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    Need Current Emails Please ASAP

    I sent you a PM on discord, however I am happy to fill out a google form as well if that is the route you take
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    Hello. New guy here!

    Great to have you. Feel free to join us on Discord. We have an active community that I'm sure will be happy to help answer all of your new player questions.
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    [.11] Higher Manifestation School Question

    I asked the same question about Higher Manifestation and the people I spoke with seemed to think you would need earth high magic to channel earth/chaos and celestial high magic to channel SLIF. However the wording "A character with this High Magic may Channel a specific Channeling element valid...
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    [.11] Channeling / Enhanced Wand / Oak of the Archmage

    Any thoughts on having both schools cast with enhanced wand on a staff?? Example: a staff with Enhanced Wand Chaos and Enhanced Wand Fire Is this possible? or is it impossible to have Earth and Celestial rituals on the same item? I am assuming you can but I am going off the text from oak of...
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    [.11] Channeling / Enhanced Wand / Oak of the Archmage

    Okay I am a bit confused here so please stick with me. If you were to cast Enhanced Wand on a staff do you still require Oak of the Archmage to use the staff as a channeling device or does the ritual do that on its own? Is it possible to have Enhanced wand cast on a staff for both schools...
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    Event Schedule 2019

    bump for season pass and pay-no-play single event info. Please and thank you.
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    [.11] Higher Manifestation /Cross School

    I'm sorry I just don't agree. A high level character may be able to afford the 6 points for earth or 12 points for celestial but this is a huge Nerf for low and mid level characters. Imo it should be one purchase per channeling pool and allow you to use the pool as you see fit.
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    [.11] Higher Manifestation /Cross School

    Am I reading higher manifestation correctly, you get on element per purchase? So a earth scholar would have to spend six levels of high magic to channel both healing and chaos without a relic? I recently decided I would like to try giving up my 20 levels in create scroll to test a celestial...
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    Season Closer

    Nice!!! I agree the Green Dragon adventure was likely one of my favorites of the weekend. Its really neat (from my point of view) to come into a town and within a few markets get information personally and have an such an effect on the world. All of the RP we had made everything so much better...
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    Dragonreach Advisement

    Delivered by a lightly armored courier on horseback. He pulls one parchment from a stack many just like it, nails it to the board, and moves swiftly down the road passing through town. Dragonreach Advisement To All citizens of Dragonreach. In addition to expected increased elemental...
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    [.11] Higher Manifestation /Cross School

    that would be good, people would have the option to be a full channeling / formal caster if that is what they want.
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    Discord Server

    We have set up a discord server for everyone to keep in touch. This is not to take away from the forums just another option that will allow for text and voice chat rooms and possibly make it easier for players and plot to stay in touch with each other. Hopefully everyone will enjoy being able...
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    [.11] Wither

    So if you get withered twice you have no offense or defense? or you can choose the same every time? also this makes it so wither only requires two hits to take out a opponent rather than 4