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    Alt Campaign Teaser!!!

    A strange whispering wind fills the nights around the town of Sanctuary, flooding everyone’s minds with thousands of voices screaming for help. Grinding sounds of metal, and the march of jackboots in step quickly follow. The ominous sounds continued for days and the Town Guard was sent to...
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    Plot Teaser for August!

    Hey All, here is your Plot Teaser for our upcoming event! Don't forget to Pre-Reg!! Across a chilled breeze, carried by Whispering Winds, a tale of war and strife is brought out into the open...The ice wall once risen to protect all that remained unaffected has now receded. The Fae are all but...
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    2019 Dates

    Hey all! Happy to say event dates have been settled, they are as follows: January 25th-27th March 1st-3rd April 12th-14th May 11th Kids Event June 15th Kids Event July 13th Mod Day 2.0 begins August 9th-11th September 13th-15th October 11th-13th Alt Campaign November 15th-17th Closer Thank you...
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    General Lore about the Area?

    We do allow and insure minors but it is on a case by case basis . And I would have to meet a guardian face to face.
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    To Our Alliance Crossroads Family

    Friends, Due to unfortunate economic circumstances and complications with my relocation to North Carolina which we had hoped wouldn't arise, Alliance Crossroads will be finishing its final event in New York this coming weekend and will be relocating next season to North Carolina. We apologize...
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    In the hospital

    Feel better bud you will be missed. We will be getting drunk together soon I'm sure. Tab
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    September Pre-Reg

    We have no way to track when someone pays for someone else. Unless they add a note in the payment . Your registration has been fixed. tab
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    September Pre-Reg

    Box fixed, Updated. Tab
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    Greetings, As the current Steward, I would like to chime in with some further information on the subject of the election. The election will be held this upcoming gather. The candidates to my knowledge are: Sarah Trenton, Henry Tilth and Neardin On Saturday afternoon there will be an...
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    September Pre-Reg

    Update! Lets get some names on this list guys! Tab
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    August Pre-Reg

    Well yeah cause he is just that darn cool! :) fixed :oops: Tab
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    August Pre-Reg

    I'm still updating the list if you wanna jump on it!
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    August Pre-Reg

    Thanks for the offer but we will be fine. :) Tab
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    August Pre-Reg

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    Kids Event Pre- Reg