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    November 2022 Rathfall Favorites

    The Maple Room, the collaborative story telling really sold it for me. Then there's Dramthin...dropping a 10 year old nugget of DeSylvia lore that MAYBE 5 people my eye on you.
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    Why did the adventurers break out the Prison in Rathfall?

    Because the warden at the time was actively working the inmates to death and then feeding said corpses to the remaining inmates, for starters. Solar DeSylvia
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    Town Box accounting per this last market.

    Adventurers, as promised here is the updated town box. I will begin with what transactions were made, and then a full list of everything inside. -10 gold pieces to make up for lacking funds for the town auction. IE we had 51 splits (the town box was not included) and had 41 even stacks...
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    The Development of Atupal

    As the box is currently in my possession, I will be happy to give you an accounting and updates in regards to what was used this last market when I have a chance later tonight. -D
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    A Request to All Adventurers

    Your Name: DeSylvia Your Title: Guildmaster The Primary Group you belong to: Fates Pawns The days you will be adventuring: All
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    The Grand Nexus Open

    I will play.
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    I Little Help If You Can

    Will do, thank you for the information. -Guildmaster DeSylvia
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    Lost and Found

    The red book is mine
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    Components and Rituals for Sale

    Absolutely, and thank you! Guildmaster DeSylvia
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    Components and Rituals for Sale

    Would you accept 225g for the lot? -Guildmaster DeSylvia
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    Splinters of Lore's knowledge

    When everything was brought out and piled up on the table we began trying to organize it all. Another adventurer, well known and respected, asked if we could divy them to both new adventurers and those who performed specific and needed tasks. We at the table said sure and carried on making...
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    Splinters of Lore's knowledge

    I have manifested three more Tokens, we'll toss them into Hook's split. All is good. -Guildmaster DeSylvia
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    Happenings August 321 Market Day

    Matron Fallingstar, In no particular order the Adventurers, Witnessed the Knighting of Sir Rusty. Defeated Kas'lo, the Olothen General, in the bay of Ca La Dorn. As well as two of what may be considered Lieutenants in the form of an Ice Creature and one "Lucky" Ogre. Repaired the Fae...
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    Packets wanted

    With September fast approaching, now is the perfect time to announce that all your packet needs are already prepared! With the upcoming national event there is currently a teaming up of epic proportions with Dani/Isabo and Jared/Glenn! Between the two of them reaching nearly 5,000 packets...
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    On the Eaters

    They may also try to put your corpse on layaway for a fair price, but who knows what could happen to your spirit even after permanent death. -DeSylvia, U.A.