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    I Little Help If You Can

    Will do, thank you for the information. -Guildmaster DeSylvia
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    Lost and Found

    The red book is mine
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    Components and Rituals for Sale

    Absolutely, and thank you! Guildmaster DeSylvia
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    Components and Rituals for Sale

    Would you accept 225g for the lot? -Guildmaster DeSylvia
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    Splinters of Lore's knowledge

    When everything was brought out and piled up on the table we began trying to organize it all. Another adventurer, well known and respected, asked if we could divy them to both new adventurers and those who performed specific and needed tasks. We at the table said sure and carried on making...
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    Splinters of Lore's knowledge

    I have manifested three more Tokens, we'll toss them into Hook's split. All is good. -Guildmaster DeSylvia
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    Happenings August 321 Market Day

    Matron Fallingstar, In no particular order the Adventurers, Witnessed the Knighting of Sir Rusty. Defeated Kas'lo, the Olothen General, in the bay of Ca La Dorn. As well as two of what may be considered Lieutenants in the form of an Ice Creature and one "Lucky" Ogre. Repaired the Fae...
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    Packets wanted

    With September fast approaching, now is the perfect time to announce that all your packet needs are already prepared! With the upcoming national event there is currently a teaming up of epic proportions with Dani/Isabo and Jared/Glenn! Between the two of them reaching nearly 5,000 packets...
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    On the Eaters

    They may also try to put your corpse on layaway for a fair price, but who knows what could happen to your spirit even after permanent death. -DeSylvia, U.A.
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    What Happen?

    He was made to carry their message of a job well done. We survived a bunch of catastrophic events and entered the next age, somewhat to their surprise. DeSylvia, U.A.
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    Short Gathering January 16th

    With this last small gathering we were gifted with many guests, some of which sought to harm and others of non importance. The extensive list included but perhaps is not limited to a representative of the Elder Council as per the dreaming I'm sure you received, granting us a well done pat on the...
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    Question about Goblin Stamps in the leaving chapters

    Thank you very much for the update!
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    Question about Goblin Stamps in the leaving chapters

    Hey Staff! As we're mostly all aware, several chapters have left the org. Some of us have Goblin Stamps in those chapters, do we have an idea as to what will happen to said stamps? On a similar tangent, any scrolls/components from those chapters? Don't mean to overwhelm with logistical...
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    Vote for the Bat Totem

    Batshaman, Fruity has received the most votes from the adventuring community. Apprentice DeSylvia
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    Season Pass Stamps Update?

    Awesome! Thank You!