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    May 6th Favorites!

    I had a great time this weekend and I sure hope everyone did too! Thank you to all the great NPCs who made it all possible! Here are a couple of my highlights! - The big golden blade fight on Saturday afternoon! Very fun, very hectic. Very much so enjoyed going toe-to-toe with General Hildegard...
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    PRE-REG: May 6th Event

    Love a high NPC turnout! Saturday night fight is gonna be wild!
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    New Player Suggestions

    Silverware and dishes are provides as well! Usually we have in-period drinking glasses to borrow (metal mugs) but of course you can (and most people do) bring your own mug. Bunks are almost always in a communal setting of some sort, but for certain events (castle site for sure) MN staff will...
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    New Player Suggestions

    Like Brad (Zihr) said, meals are provided! But it never hurts to bring some drinks or snacks of your own between meals if you like. It can be a pretty physically active weekend so I always like to have stuff between mods (water is always provided!) Most sites will have bunks with some sort of...
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    Who's done with Spider Island?

    I don't have the opportunity to make it your direction very often, but if the Siege of Spider Island is still happening on May 27th, I will certainly try and pull some strings and make it down there to help out my Wayside friends. Also, I'm sure many know this already, but for any who may not...
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    Repair Armor Skill & Arcane Armor

    "This ability allows the use of Armor Patches and allows the character to Refit Amor in one minute. Additional purchases reduce the refit time by an additional 10 seconds per purchase. May be purchased up to 4 times." Would this ability allow you to repair arcane armor in 60 seconds?
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    Wizardin' School Wizard Names

    We had a second round of naming later into the evening for some more folks! Edwina - Kitchen Witchen Auryn - Tea Cup Mint - Hammer Time Val - Cruiser ~Elros(Triage)
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    October Favorites

    I had an awesome time this weekend! A lotta great plotlines getting tied up and brought together, not knowing at all what to prepare for, it was very cool and super fun! All the NPCs over the years have really added a lot to the world! I had a great time interacting with General Hildegard over...
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    Scroll from the previous gathering

    I share Sir Zihr's opinion. I feel that an auction on such short notice, for such an important scroll, might not be the best way to go about it. Maybe if it occured immediately following the last gathering it would have been better, but unfortunately I dont know if everyone who might have an...
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    A few words

    Hello friends. After the events of this past weekend with the Lich, I think I would like to say a few words. I don't believe anything that happened this weekend was a failure. The first thing we did Friday night was to successfully capture another of the lich's phylacteries, an outstanding...
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    September Favorites

    Great weekend everyone! In no particular order, here are some of my event favorites - The last town mod getting dicey, throwing up a sanctuary, and Ryan C as the vampire being very confused as to why all his "10 Normals" were being met with "No Effect" - Doom Snail(s)! A very fun little mod...
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    Resolved Identification in the Celestial Circle

    EDIT: There is nothing in the rulebook to define the specifics of how identification within a celestial circle of power works, regarding willing creatures, and which, if any, game mechanics are at work / required to do so. So I have a few questions regarding how it is supposed to work: Can a...
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    The hunt continues

    Iganeous, The lich's phylactery is what he uses to regenerate himself every time he dies. This particular lich has somehow managed to have 9 separate phylacteries and he can choose which ones to regenerate at. So we are trying to destroy them all so he can no longer do that. ~Elros
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    The hunt continues

    Good evening friends! I have been keeping busy this past month, and it has seemingly paid off in a number of ways. First off! I have met up with Daniel Landry, Master of Necromantic Prevention, of the magic guild. I will be working under him to find out more, and better ways to slow...
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    2021 Nationals - Story for the Ages Favorites

    I had a blast from start to finish. There was so much to do all weekend, I had a great time. -Coming into the pirate battle singing shanties. -This one persistent NPC who kept getting behind me in the djinn battle with doom blows and assassinates, and one finally landing after I used my last...