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    October DEADLANDS FINALE Pre-registration and logistics

    Please remove Erika N and Dave D from the prereg list.
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    My spells and my support are with you as always, Ox. -Asherah Nereus
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    Stormbreak pre-reg for June 30 event

    Just paid for Erika Noach and David DeMartino to PC and to reserve Water!
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    Roleplay for Casting Spells

    A few questions: Does using a magic item trigger this effect? Does using scrolls or potions trigger this effect? If some crazy scholar decided to dual school, would the effect only happen for their highest circle of magic period, or for highest of either school? (i.e. When casting 5th circle...
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    Stormbreak Pre-Reg for first event

    Just paid PC and to reserve Air!
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    A celebration!

    Bird marriage! Guess I might as well show up. I'm kinda stuck in this part of the mists for now, anyhow. See you soon. -Lila
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    <Echoing throughout the dream realm>

    Uh.... did one of you guys actually go stab the bells? Guess I'm gonna go grab my quiver and find a mist-patch. This has officially done me a creep. -Lila
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    <Echoing throughout the dream realm>

    IG Lila: *nervous growl* what's this about? Stephano, I'm dreaming outside of Laerthan again and it's creepy....
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    October 21-23 Pre-Registration

    Just paid for myself and for Dave DeMartino to PC. Hopefully we'll be able to recruit a couple NPCs!
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    Centralized Local Race Packets

    I love the idea of making local race packets more accessible. When I was making my wylderkin, I had to look at three different packets before I found one that suited the kind of character I wanted to play, because of how dramatically different each local flavor was. If I were a newer player...
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    Squire's Training

    Dame Readella, It would be my genuine pleasure to assist. -Dame Kailani
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    Squire's Training

    Dame Readella, I am afraid my squire has business in the Forest which he must attend to, and as such will not be at the gather. Mother, I'm delighted to hear you'll be visiting soon. If you need a place to stay, I'll gladly offer. Could you please dream to me privately? I believe we have some...
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    July 29 pre-registration

    I will be PCing as Kailani
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    June pre-registration

    Also consider this everyone's friendly reminder to please prelogist at this link! Makes my life a lot easier.
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    June pre-registration

    I'll be PCing. Plantknight has some things to do.