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    Spell Books and Sources

    Hello, I'm a returning player, who's brand new to 2.0. I had a question. Assuming I meet the size requirements, can a spell book also be used as a source? Alternatively, could a removable cover for a spell book or some type of "holder" (think custom fit pouch with a strap that holds the spell...
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    Announcements Season 3, Event 1 - Rebirth

    On the encant then throw, I've personally been called on it and have enforced it as a marshal at both Seattle and Oregon. I'm aware. More a suggestion to staff as a whole, since Bill was speaking on suggestions from the Org on rules, not just plot.
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    Announcements Season 3, Event 1 - Rebirth

    "No head shots please: according to the rules people take no damage from a weapon attack to the head, but they do take spell effects (we are sorry)." If packet head shots are becoming an issue, couldn't you make a local ruling that they do not count?
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    Questions from a traveler

    (A potentially familiar voice reaches out for any with an open ear to listen.) Greetings, I was looking for information on current events for a traveler returning to these lands. While I am not a complete stranger, it has been some time since I've been able to do my work. I would appreciate...
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    Resolved Selunari and the "old accent"

    Hi gang, One thing that wasn't covered in the announcement post was the accent. Since we are banning the use of the slur or connections to the Romani people, are we also banning the use of the stereotypical accent that many players use for their character?
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    A thankssssss to the Cereopolisssss

    Such fun... Yet another "world destroying" foe coming to posture before being put down like a sickly animal. Here's what you "things" don't quite understand, you can't win. Historic evidence has shown time and time again that the world remains and you will die. Even if dozens of adventurers die...
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    Gypsy Curse

    The curse didn't interfere with any OOG call (damage swings, etc), the curse didn't cause a flub on the verbal, it simply added a complication to the spoken command, which isn't a defined OOG verbal for the enslavement effect he was using. My understanding of how Alliance works is that grey...
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    Gypsy Curse

    Nice to see that the removal of the rules debate sections haven't stopped the rules debates. Gypsy curse can be used to create some pretty powerful effects, from a creative player. The best/worst use I have seen was someone cursing a big bad who used a lot of mind control effects to say "kill...
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    Announcement of Festival

    Combat, storytelling, roulette. -Ambassador Northwind
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    Searching for Arrows

    Greetings, If you need arrows with a bit more kick, I may have some left in inventory. Seek me out to inquire. -Ambassador Alcandar Northwind
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    Some advice... Death is far better than captivity. Move your hands back and forth until you can move your fingers to your wrists. Tear out the artery and we'll see you in the earth circle. There is actually quite a bit of euphoria in the final moments of bleeding to death. -Alcandar
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    Anyone listenin'?

    Hello my friend, I am on my way to Sedovia and am very much alive. I have many stories from my time away. I am eager to get back out into the field of battle. There will be blood, just not from good people like yourself. At least not by my hand. -Alcandar
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    Breaking Down the Entry Barrier

    I would like to encourage more players to join up with Alliance but as I have grown as a LARPer I realize that Alliance has one of the larger entry barriers. I wanted to start a discussion on how to lower that barrier. In the NW, where my LARP experience comes from, Alliance has one of the...
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    A message through the mists...

    ***In the background a baby can be heard crying on occasion. A soothing feminine voice calms the child as the man in the message speaks. Greetings Friends, It has been a long time and I sincerely miss some of you. For those who care, I wanted to announce the birth of Cestiel and I's healthy...
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    Re: the role of plot/hobby vs. "employment"

    So, I have a bit of experience in the "being staff" department. For 3 years I helped run plot in Alliance Seattle. I have been general manager of a local to Seattle game called World of Oz for about a year, and with the help of a good friend, I am opening my very own sci-fi game early next year...