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    June 2-4 Event Pre-Registration List

    Just paid for me and for Todd! I'll prelog when I'm not on a work computer that blocks forms.
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    Why are Golems Gone?

    One of my best friends is a ridiculously huge cel caster with more than half her build in rit, and she is SUPER effective in everyday combat. She murders so many faces and I don't think has ever been in a golem. Don't be too sad about them going away, I'm sure there will be fun compensations...
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    October 21-23 Pre-Registration

    Hey guys, I paid for me and Todd yesterday.
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    September 9-11 Pre-Registration List

    Paid and pre-logged! I'll see if I can trick*coughcough* I mean persuade anyone to come NPC for the weekend so I can play!
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    July 22-24 Pre-Registration List

    Oh man I might be able to come!!! HYPE HYPE HYPE I'll pre-reg as soon as I know!
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    Hi, I'm Illana, and I've been playing for 11 years. I'm originally from central CT (Lauren is My Fault, muahaha), although I now live in the MD/DC area. My first event was when my roommate, an old high school friend, said, "hey, you like all that fantasy stuff, and you liked theater- you should...
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    Curious on thoughts of a chapter restricting these rituals,

    Actually, we're tending to see more pure classes than cross classes. I think that might be a factor of the fact that it is a limited duration campaign that is still level-capped - pure classes tend to be more immediately effective at low level than crosses. More artisans than I'm used to...
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    Siege Weapons

    I played with the ballistas at HQ, they were super fun! The PCs loved them and it was totally safe for the NPCs.
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    Lost tablet

    I left a tablet on site, because clearly I am a derp. It's an Acer, smallish, in a black case with an embroidered patch on the back. I left it in the Air room on top of a bunk. Todd and I came back to site after dinner and it was not there. Did anyone perhaps find it? We weren't sure if it maybe...
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    Not as Crazy as I Thought...

    Nik, are you threatening the poor girl?? Just kidding, I swear. In any case, Jules, I'll keep my eyes open for good drinking games. Sailors know LOTS. -Kiba
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    Exotic Wylderkin Costuming

    Yep! She was a fuzzy green caterpillar for... I forget if it was 1 year or 2 but anyway she made cocoon and changed into a moth who didn't really remember what the caterpillar had done. It was super cute :-)
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    Exotic Wylderkin Costuming

    I've seen horse, snail, spider, caterpillar (and moth), and we've even got a kid that plays a Thylacine at HQ. Also the more common lizard, fox, snake, and ravens. The costuming is always fun to see. Edit: found a good one of the moth!
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    July event pre-registration

    Holy crap guys that's a 4-1 ratio. Paging any and all emergency NPCs?