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    Ever Considered Running a Feast?

    Hello everyone, The feast is a fantastic event every year in our chapter, and one I'm quite proud of. But as life starts to move and change, I know I won't always be able to do run the feast as I have been. Therefore, if anyone has thought they might be interested or wants to know more about...
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    Our Upcoming Market Day

    Cyn, Pyke abandoned this duty and I highly doubt reaching out to him for supplies he didn't use in the first place would be productive. But you can try. Collette
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    Our Upcoming Market Day

    I don't know if I will be making it to this market day, but I made a commitment to put an end to the mycanoids. I will be sending all of my gasses and prepared globes with Lord Lukas if I cannot. I've been saving them for a long time now. Don't panic when people start getting paralyzed...
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    Does anyone have a particular need for Copper? The Pride has some I'm looking to exchange out. -Collette
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    New Player Training

    You should pin this so new players coming into our game throughout the season can see it!
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    Highlights of the April Event

    Thank you so much NPC's who helped out the three plot members of our alternate plot line, and a HUGE thanks to Baylan Ian and Dave for everything you do for us. Dave pushing through being so terribly ill and the other two filling in while he did was the epitome of commitment to the game and...
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    Best Costume Update!?

    It's not really an update but Moon and Mike looked FANTASTIC for their first event
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    Writings Recovered at the Fates Compass

    Auritk, Lillith ended up translating all of them with the exception of the last two pages. She took them with her to finish up and will be bringing them to the next adventure day! Collette
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    Dragonfall Event Feedback - What what your favorite Experience/Costume/Interaction?

    It's hard for me to write feedback considering I didn't really participate in the event. I had one little pocket of roleplay with Radi and Thom for 5 or so minutes then it was back to cooking. So I really want to hear more about the feast competitions and what not!! Since I don't have much to...
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    A call to serve

    Fantastic Blue! I'll count you in.
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    A call to serve

    Blue, Yes I would love your help as a server. Quick reminder this means you don't get to sit and eat with the rest of the town. If that's okay I'd love to have you! Ardos, you will be the cupbearer for the feast as discussed and I have you down for my all day kitchen staff as well. Thank you...
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    A call to serve

    Fantastic Pyke! Thank you.
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    A call to serve

    Guild mistress Cyn, As guild mistress you will have a special seat next to the nobles section, and my wish is that you do your best to help host the nobles during the dinner service and keep everyone in high spirits. If you wish to offer a small boon, I would be happy to split it among the...
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    A call to serve

    Greetings fellow adventurers! As you all know I am putting on a tiny dinner party for Dragon Fall Festival in the upcoming weeks. I'm looking for three volunteers to join the serving staff to complete the amazing team I have putting it on. If you're interested please let me know! This is a...
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    Alliance 2.0 Playtest Weekend (Sept 14-16)

    You guys think Trackstar is good, I teach him all his moves.