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    SoMN 2018 Dates

    Will pre registering be available?
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    Make archery better?

    Why not both? Packet and arrows?
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    Bone armor?

    I’ve seen a few historical examples of bone armor. Any ideas on how you could make this work without using actual bone?
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    Wood elf horns

    any horns or do I need to stick with a particular type?
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    Costume question

    my wife asked me if solid colored leggings are ok and I haven’t a clue.
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    Lock picking

    so do I need an actual set of lock picks and the knowledge to use them? Are a particular brand of lock used?
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    Fight practice!!

    Details were just firmed up. 01/28 at 1700 Fall out arts co-op 2601 2nd ave S MPLS 55408 You could bring the sprouts if you wish
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    Fight practice!!

    On the FB page we have planning a indoor fight practice. Venue secured, Noob helper wrangled and now just hammering out the details. Also have a space available for crafting if there’s interest
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    Make archery better?

    Will do thanks
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    Make archery better?

    Asked elsewhere and directed to ask my local marshals I've never been able to packet toss with a bow phys-rep in hand worth beans. Any reason nerf bows couldn't be used? Or larp safe arrows?
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    Hello the fort!!

    Like larping. Live in the metro and may give y'all a visit
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    Non packet archery please?

    Frankly I Can't get the hang of packet and prop use. I can do one or the other. Why not nerf bows or larp friendly arrows?