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    July Event Favorite Moments

    I think that was me lol, after I taunted you in return :)
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    July Event Favorite Moments

    Echoing everyone: Such a good event, so many moments. -"NOT MY RUMI!!!" sometimes words just come out and it feels so natural, and Amber-Rose immediately going "I need healing for this one" and then running away. - Drunk "dialing" Illahee, and drunken Mandara Bolla. Seeing actual emotion from...
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    APG: Alliance Players Guide Beta Feedback

    I am adding my voice against the lazy sexist intro mods, I also find it really disheartening that this was already addressed by the diversity committee before this release and they were ignored. Wasn't the point of the diversity committee to help traditionally marginalized groups have a stronger...
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    April '19 Favorites!

    It's Tuesday and no one has started this, so I guess I will :) My game had just some amazing RP moments that I loved. 1. Tasting the rainbow, that was a fun card, the NPCs were great, Canada's enthusiasm for our enthusiasm was great. Having a leash on Coro while she stuck her face in was such...
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    January 2019 Favorite Moments

    Spending time talking, sparing, and learning with Lael/Tiny Cat. The conversation where it becomes apparent that Coro is now literally herding cats at times. Watching the face-off between Rumi and Durnic, the whole tavern was watching and some of the follow-up conversations afterward. Jumping...
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    November '18 Event Favorites

    I got that post game hype and want to hear about people's favorites! First of all it was so great being welcomed back as a player. I took a much needed break and it was nice to come back to my Oregon friends and family, even if as a new character. My search for embarrassing stories about Kel...
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    November Game Favourite Moments

    I had a great game: -The many conversations about Orin's mental health. Highlights include being tag teamed by Aizyk and Ashok, coming to an interesting personal conclusion with Tal-Horrath, and a really wonderful talk with Silverblade Panda. -All the Dryad lectures, including Orin and Amory...
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    Mist Touched Rituals For Sale/Trade

    Tal, I'll give you 30g for it, I'll be in the Auros mountains in June. If that would work, I'll have the money. Thank you. Orin
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    Mist Touched Rituals For Sale/Trade

    Hello Tal, I would be interested in the Earth Aura. Do you plan to auction them or did you have a price in mind? Orin
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    The Beacon of Hope [Big West Hook]

    My dear friend Shin, I will do my best to be there and assist in any way. My duties in Foxbridge may delay me some, but I hope to be there soon. Yours, Ambassador Orin Sylvanus
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    Troubadour's Challenge (April 2017)

    I think it would be awesome if we also got Audio Files of these being sung or recited. Weaver's Team Theme: Bubbles Lyrics by Luke (Ryan W.) and Orin (Cass J.) Music by Luke (Ryan W.) There was no official title, so for now: Bubbles They fill the sky in the most magical way. And something...
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    Season 3, Event 2 - Fascination - Favorite Moments

    The Dryad approves of your pun!
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    Season 3, Event 2 - Fascination - Favorite Moments

    I wasn't sure about going into Fae Games, but I had a great time. Re-connected with some characters I haven't talked with in while and really re-connected with being Orin. 1. Amory/Orin interactions are always a highlight for me. Lectures, advice, teasing, respect, and above all: love. 2...
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    Season 2, Event 6 - Panacea, Favorite Moments

    Oh boy, here we go: 1. Declarations made between Orin and Muirgheal, and all their interactions and conversations. 2. Sisterly interactions between Orin and Amory, including bind off and absolutely noticing the favor that was given to Shin... 3. Having to kill Nessie, and telling Jacob's...
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    Question for Members of the Celestial Guild

    Hello friends, Would any members of the Celestial Guild be able to ask about the price for a Destroy Magic for me? Thank you, Orin