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    Fish Bowl Raffle

    You're right Aramis wouldn't mind another ship.
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    new tags duration

    With the CMA going to an auto deduction I think that would be the strongest logistical reason. Otherwise everyone would have to check in their items for each logistic.
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    new tags duration

    Correct 1 circle is one Logistics. However if you bring the item for a weekend event you can't only us it for one Logistics you have to use it for both.
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    The possible Fall Of The Great Library

    On my last voyage to the Great Library it'sits dock had been destroyed and it looked like death Knights maybe pushing for a final assault. For those that care about the collection of knowledge it maybe worth filed to the tried amount of force to bolster its defenses without delay. However it...
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    WWTC - Crafting Goods Available! For October

    The West Wayside Trading Company has goods available for purchase! We have a slew of Potions, Alchemy, Scrolls, and Blacksmithing goods available for purchase, in addition to a few master crafters coming specifically in Alchemy, Scrolls, and Blacksmithing if not more. Post what production you...
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    Pre Reg Reminders

    Anyone that did not receive a tag for an item should list the item and the effects in there preregistion. There was quite a number of items that were pre-registered right before the last event that had not been told to Logistics prior or still needed review or approval, this lead to some of them...
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    The Current State of All Our Problems!

    Lord Silp, I am investigating more into this report to clarify the issue. I learned of this issue when a number of things were transpiring and I may not have all the facts correct. How Squire Corbell is correct. Aramis Seablade.
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    The Current State of All Our Problems!

    Lord Silp, I have also received reports of a golden elf that is turning Stone elves into golden elves. I'm investigating more into this matter but if others have information that would be beneficial to share. It is also possible he enslaving others and leaving an imprint of itself on their...
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    Snake Totem

    Sir Baron Foss Fairfax and Binks Thank you for the clarity. Aramis Seablade
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    Snake Totem

    Sir Baron Foss Fairfax, Do we know what type of formal magic is need for the Sunder Mantel, is there a catalyst and what reagent are need? I know we will need an earth caster for the Cheat Death. Aramis Seablade
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    Enslavement antidotes for upcoming market

    Squire DeSylvia, I have checked the West Wayside Merchant Guilds supply and we have about a dozen for sale. If you would want to buy more then that I could contract it out if the amount was great enough. Please let me know so if you me to set these aside for you. Aramis Seablade
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    Enslavement antidotes for upcoming market

    Squire DeSylvia, I will check the West Wayside Merchant Guilds supply and see what we have for sale. Aramis Seablade
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    Snake Totem

    I will be there as well. I will reserve a good portion of my High Magic in case it is needed to assist. ~Aramis Seablade
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    2019 Donations

    This maybe one idea with the bells but I would not suggest the balloon. And that would also have to agree that either these would work is options.
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    ARB: Alliance Rulebook Beta Feedback

    Yes, that what I get for trying to do it quick and copy and paste.