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    Have you tried contacting Paul Iverson (owner) and/or Katie Lewis-Kooring (GM) directly?
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    Some thoughts: Back to Logistics and End of Alt Plot

    "This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but with a whimper. " -The Hollow Men, T.S. Elliot So, Alt Plot is essentially done. Thanks tons to Liz Christensen, Marley Sage Gable, Dane Ficklin, Heber Ford, and Parker...
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    The Will of Lord Cygnus Elehenia

    *several small symbols crudely representing comets have been scrawled and carved into this note*
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    *there is a small bit of torn paper underneath this message, as if something was written, but removed*
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    New Merchant ID system!

    Players- We at the Alt Plot of Alliance LARP Utah have wanted to implement more items into game, with that, we've successfully incorporated "Production Tags" into your treasure policy, and starting this next event, we will be implementing another resource: GEMSTONES! Each of these small gems...
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    Donations to the Alt Campaign!

    We are in need of a few items to help close out the Alt Campaign: Abominations of Solus! Below are listed items we are looking for as donations. They will be honored with the standard 5:1 GS ratio. Equivalents to these items are fine. 1 Exercise ball...
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    The Veil Bleeds: Official Abominations of Solus Alt Campaign

    *the following is an In Game status update of the Island Nation of Solus flavor text to help PCs understand the upcoming events as we reach the halfway point of our plotline and to close the Alt Plot Campaign, "Abominations of Solus" Throughout the fields and fires of the Isle nation of...
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    Welcome to the Alliance CMA

    A CMA question: Is it possible to "Skill sell back" only a few levels of a tiered skill (for example, realizing your character doesn't want to throw gasses anymore, but still wants to coat their throwing weapons going from 3 levels of Alchemy down to 1), rather than ALL of the skill involved?
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    Event feedback: "Paths of Conflict"

    Agreed. This has been stated by a few players, and has been addressed to our NPCs.
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    Event feedback: "Paths of Conflict"

    I would like to formally add that this event would be much less without the efforts of Liz, Parker, Dane, and Jesse, who each put forth a great deal of effort and time to assure things went well behind the scenes to make the event run smoothly.
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    Event feedback: "Paths of Conflict"

    Constructive criticism is always appreciated. Please post your thoughts on our December 2019 day event, "Paths of Conflict" below...
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    Nationals 2020 Cash Donation Drive!!

    I'd be willing to donate a character Bust Portrait Illustration in mixed media on illustration board 11'x14". Examples at
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    Alliance LARP Utah 2020 Season!

    Thanks for working hard to schedule these ahead of time, Paul. Those of us with hectic family and work schedules appreciate it!
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    Save the Date!!

    Some of us who are flying in want to get the best rate possible. When can we expect the campsite address to be posted?
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    Payment for Informative Summaries of April 26th-28th

    Askeksa- You know where to find me. I have a bit to tell. -Brother Faux