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    Plot's Locks at the National Event

    are these like old-timey skeleton key locks, or modern regular key locks? I need to know if I have to make different picks
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    This poster is put up inside the flaming skull and around town. (and the dreaming too, I guess. if images can be dreamed)
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    The Current State of All Our Problems!

    The human-panthergaunt is a problem as well. After we saved a village of dryads, It has vowed to kill my people next. The anret Sarr declare this thing is an abomination and wont touch it, preferring to stay within their walled city. I think it cowardly and uncharacteristic of them, but the...
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    Why don't you NPC?

    I would NPC more if I could, but the big reasons are - My friend group PCs, and we run our chapter's tavern. If we all left to NPC, there would be nobody to make food and I want to play with my friends. - I play a makeup race, and it takes me a long time to get it all to how I like it. I can't...
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    Removal of teacher skill

    While I don't think your hypothetical would ever happen (and if it has, that's very unfortunate), if you're worried it will, rephrase it as "can you help me get better at this?" >Hello Big Hammer Bill. I see you're very skilled with that big hammer of yours. Could you show me a few of those...
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    August Event Favorites!

    J'rajj has been diagnosed with pyke syndrome by Dr. Keggy as he goes full chaotic neutral. talking with Ainsley "You know, I'd try anything once" Me: "would you cast command magic?" "...almost anything" Fighting the right hand, and managing to not resurrect Ritual assault? that...
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    IC/OOC reagent Storing

    You've seen this already spaz, but for people looking for ideas: I used to use bagception storage as well and I hated it. My hatred fueled my motivation to make this. I tore out the useless shelf in our guild box and used the old wood and some spare wood to make this reagent holder. I put a HDD...
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    ~Favorite Moments: August 4th, 2019~

    Me as the warhound
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    Need to contact the owner

    Hey, I'm not sure how to best contact the owner, I sent him a PM a couple weeks ago but haven't heard back. I'm sure he's very busy. Any assistance, be it with the owner or another person in charge, would be appreciated.
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    Removal of teacher skill

    And nothing of value was lost.
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    June Favorites.

    This weekend was a blast. In no particular order Being really good at the towers game and carrying my team. Maybe I should switch to thrown weapons. The stealth mod was probably the only true stealth mod Ive ever gone on. Planning strategy with Roff, then that plan actually working was cool...
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    Wards on Offer

    I too, would like a ward
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    Lost and Found

    yeah that aint mine
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    May Favorites

    Smash burgers Hanging out with mutt Many, many company meetings Sam and I babysitting Eryn tripping balls for my first trip to the fey wilds Late night blackjack. I'm standing over my bed about to fall in. "J'rajj, this guy is here and he wants to gamble." ...duty calls. Maybe I should just...