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    <A combination of several voices speak in unison>

    *Raises mug* Count me in! ~Taryn nic Fallon
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    A celebration!

    Always wonderful words to hear! If you should need any assistance from the Merriment Guild please let me know. I might know someone. Cheers, Taryn nic Fallon
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    Monikers AGB style- please send me your stuff to make this an awesome game!

    Hi everyone! I had an idea after playing this fun game called, Monikers, that I wanted to create an AGB version. If you are interested in helping let me know. Also let me know if you want your PC, NPC included as well (or if you don't want them included). I would need the name and a small...
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    The April 2017 AGB event is an Unscaled event

    Don't leave Taryn all alone!
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    <Echoing throughout the dream realm>

    IG: Taryn : How much did I drink last night? Make it stop!
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    An invitation to the feast at the end of the days!

    Greetings Wellorg! I am very sad to say I will not be able to attend your wonderful feast this time, but hope I will be able to grace your presence at another one of your gatherings, hopefully before the end of times. Cheers, Taryn nic Fallon
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    Fence Hoppers wanted!

    I'll do Friday shift.
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    Fallen but never Forgotten

    *Raises a glass of ale* HAIL TO THE GLORIOUS DEAD! Jadden, I offer my assistance in this as the head of Merriment Guild and as his friend. Please contact me with more details and what is needed. I stood beside Trel in his last battle and I am very saddened by his loss. He was never able to name...
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    Merriment Mixer mixer! We don't need a reason to party.

    Hello fellow adventures, drunks, and merriment enthusiast! I am puting out a note to see if anyone would be interested in partaking in the Merriment Guild's first Mixer Mixer! We are looking for volunteers to help plan, run, and partake in it. If you are interested please seek me out via a...
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    Favorites for April 29th-May 1st!

    I was so glad to finally be able to come to game! NPCs and Staff thank you so much for your hard work and making this event a blast! It was great to see everyone and meet new people as well! Mike, thank you for running monster desk, I had a great time NPCing Friday night. On to the favorites...
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    Great announcement to all those who are interested!

    Be prepared to believe, sir! I hope to meet you at the upcoming gather. ~Taryn nic Fallon
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    August Event Registration

    Rich, I will hop fence as well. Jill
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    Competition hosted by the Merriment Guild

    Greetings All, In celebration of the new Merriment Guild the guild will be hosting an archery based competition that anyone interested will be able to participate in. A drinking archery based competition because we can. The event will take place at 2 bells on the Day of Death. There is a gold...
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    Great announcement to all those who are interested!

    Are you a person who likes to have a good time and enjoys entertaining others? GREAT! There’s a guild for you. I have an announcement for all brewers, bakers, entertainers, artisans and everyone in between who like to throw a good party or be a part of one. I am pleased to announce the...