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    WWTC - Crafting Goods Available!

    I find myself traveling a bit lighter and faster than I'm used to. I seem to have left my gambeson behind. I'd like to purchase your toughest armor in the 6 silver range if I could. Thank you. -Baeleon
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    July Blacksmithing Services - Cass

    Mistress Malvern, I think that one strengthened set, and one non-strengthened pair would be perfect. If that fits into your production schedule I would be grateful. -Baeleon
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    A humble request for a simple healer

    Innoxius, It has been a long while. I am sorry, but not surprised, to hear about your legal troubles. It seems that Lord Oakheart has you well taken care of. Should the mists, royalists, or the local bandits interfere with Lord Oakheart's package, you are welcome to study from my spell book...
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    July Blacksmithing Services - Cass

    Master smith Malvern, I'm glad that you've found a place to set up shop in these new lands. I hope that business is going well. I find myself short of weapons after fighting caustic oozes. Would it be possible for you to make me two long and two short blunt weapons? What might it cost to have...
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    Gifts from the Ambassadors

    I have a proscribe ritual scroll in my possession and would gladly donate it to the town box, so that the town would have the set should we have need of it. -Baeleon
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    June Favorites.

    There were quite a few memorable moments this weekend. -The CMA was hosed, but the logistics staff did an amazing job of getting everything sorted Friday night. That must have been a ton of work, and was really impressive. -Discussions with the Vornae about how much they hate the "horrible day...
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    Town Box Auction Items

    If it's not to late to add items to the auction I have a longbow with a matching short sword that could be worth some coin. -Baeleon
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    Getting to know you

    My name is Baeleon Somerled. What do I do? Mostly make questionable decisions. I've been known to do a little bit of most everything. Am I a dirty Command user like Roff? Not so much, I prefer persuasion and reasonable discourse. Something interesting about me? A very long time ago I held the...
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    Where we've left it ...

    I'll cast my lot in with you Asher. I have not walked the lands of Gaden as long as you have, but I have bled and died for her. I dedicated years of my life to restoring the unicorns and cleansing the waters of old Gaden. I fought the corrupt lords, the plague lord, and all manner of tyrants by...
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    September Event Favorites

    Better late than never I suppose. It was good to play in Chicago again, seeing plenty of old friends and meeting lots of new ones. Some of my favorite moments; -Did the Fae princess hang up on a whispering winds, like "Fine Dad, Click!", was there a click? Do teenagers these days even know...
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    Laws of The Wildlands Request

    As I understand it, the three guilds that surround the Duchy of Ravensong are extremely hostile and would see the Duchy destroyed as soon as possible. I have not met any envoys from those guilds so I cannot give a first hand account of their motives. I am led to believe that the bloodied...
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    August event favorites

    Also I cannot forget: Hello shopkeeper, I would like to purchase some of your wares. -Josh C
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    August event favorites

    -Agate very nearly convinced me to buy a used wagon. Your skills are astounding. -Bread and Cheese, I mean truly, the BREAD and the CHEESE -Gronk's magic storm vs the Sahuagin. It feels like it's been a while since we've had a good, long-lasting magic storm. -Sarvie's whale plan was pretty...
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    On the return

    Master Greywing, It is good to hear from you, and I am glad you found your people in these strange lands. I have no love for those sharkfaced Sauhagin. I'm am sure we can find some able-bodied folk to aid your Matron and your blood. If you can't make it to us, let us know where we can meet...
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    Visiting the homeland

    I look forward to seeing you again, Hengin. Let me know if there is anything that I can do to aid you in your travels. -Baeleon