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    HQ 2015 opener Favorites!

    I made people cry! Dat sloth kin tho. AND magician hat kin with nose! The only working heater in the tavern, curled on it for hours. MASHED PE-TERTERS. Our NPCs were so sexy and amazing this weekend, as were our new PCs. I wish I had seen the 6 foot baby, I only heard the call of "A SIX...
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    Pre-registration for June: CLOSED

    Re: Pre-registration for June Lauren Webb PCing Jinx.
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    Pre-registration for May

    HEY! I will totally be PCing for this event! I have no clue if it is Jinx or the new character I want to make. All depends on if my custom leather dress from Ravenswood comes in time! IF IT DOES, YAY new person. If not, Jinx is up to bat! I will pay at the door and will bring my trusty tent...
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    To Our Alliance Crossroads Family

    Hey, I recently had to relocate down south for school, in Richmond Kentucky. I lost a great group of friends in the Ashbury family and I can't wait for a new family to come down here with Alliance to its name. I will be there to help as often as you need or I can do. I know how hard it is to...
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    Pre-registration for October event

    Re: Pre-registration for October event DEADLINE SUNDAY LAUREN WEBB FOR NPC!! HAIL from Kentucky!
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    Wylderkin age

    Make them come heeeere!! I meant more no one at HQ to tell me "Raccoon-kin, you're doing it wrong." I need peeps!! I'm alone on the ridiculous amount of makeup that can seriously get zebra fast front. ON THAT NOTE, got any pictures of their make-up patterns I could use for help...? Pwweeeease?
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    Wylderkin age

    I have a raccoon kin, named Jinx. In captivity, they can like to 20+ years, but in the wild only 1.8-3.1 years. So I went with the wild expectancy for my age range, Jinxie baby is only around 8 months when I introduced her. Raccoons wean around 2-4 months, so this was still young but not...
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    April event pre-registration: PRE-REG IS CLOSED

    Re: April event pre-registration NPC for me pwease! BUM BUM BUUUUUUUUUUH!!
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    NPCs for Sept. Weekend, listen up!

    I don't have tusks and would love some. I can pay and stuff!