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    The Passing of a Hero of Fortannis

    ((an etherial voice echoes through the dream, carrying motes of light with it though nothing resembling a person)) Well General Taylor gained the day. Walk him along, John, Carry him along. Well General Taylor he gained the day, Carry him to his bury'n ground. Tell me where you're stormy...
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    The Fate of the Maelstrom

    People of Fortannis, hear me. The lands known as the Maelstrom are finally free of the Wretched Outsiders. We have succeeded in ending the long, grueling war which has beset our lands for near a decade and untold time before the Mist Walkers arrived. We have paid in our lives, our suffering...
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    Travelers to Maelstrom: Questions, Resources

    Truthfully, it is an 'everything and the kitchen sink' situation. While we anticipate critical need for some resources (Purify, Poison Shield, Awaken, Cleanse...Part of our enemy may or may not be extremely adept with alchemy) anything and everything you bring shall have use. Bring all you can...
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    Maelstrom July 13th Day Game CANCELLED

    Hey folks. Our Maelstrom Plot Team has had to pull the plug on our July 13th day game. They've been burning the midnight oil all year and need a rest. But fear not! We will be back to your regularly scheduled Eldritch Horrors on August 24th! If you've already Pre Payed for the July 13th game...
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    Maelstrom Tavern Night June 22nd

    So sorry for the delays on an official announcement! We understand this event is tomorrow and thank you for your patience. THE PRE-REG CUTOFF FOR THIS EVENT IS MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (JUNE 21ST) Date: Saturday, June 22 Time: Lay on is 6PM, come earlier to help set up if you like. Greg is also trying...
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    Seattle Labor Day Weekend event

    Britt and I are maybes. We would really really like to go, but we have a lot to take care of between finding a place, me job hunting, getting back from Australia and wedding/honeymoon planning.
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    A few words on Law and Order in the Maelstrom (safe)

    Indeed, to corroborate Lord Terren's distinction here, while this past gather the present Knights and nobles gathered to speak about an tactic employed by Resete which had caused some unrest, not because we found it unappealing from some lofty position of power but because untitled members of...
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    A few words on Law and Order in the Maelstrom (safe)

    Dame Marisa speaking. I do not dispute that we require our own system of laws as we both grow in population, and move forward into The Vale of the Hearth. I am not here to make any comments on the situation regarding Desky. I am going to take a moment to make one thing very clear at the...
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    [SAFE] Announcement Regarding Desky O'Houlihan

    Lord Terren, I would appreciate a more detailed account of Desky's crimes. I will be in the Maelstrom for this coming gather, the need is not pressing. I am sure we both have a myriad of other duties to attend to. In Service, Dame Marisa Silverrose Husarri Saephis Lady of Moonstone Pass
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    Sealing the Well

    -A roiling, growling voice echoes through the dream. It is recognizably Morganna- You are correct, a Queen of Day and a King of Night. Liorre, Resete, if you're willing to speak with me about this matter this coming gather I can look into what is needed from the fey monarchs. I must advise...
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    The wedding of Shay and Morganna

    My most heartfelt thanks to all our family and friends who were able to attend, and my love out across the dreams to those who could not join us. Most of all, my love to my new husband for ensuring that this story has been shared. It has been along time coming. Both our union and your...
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    June/July 2017 Favorite Moments

    "This is what happens when adventurers come to your town: you get dead Liches and 400 origami giraffes." "Liches get stitches"
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    The fact that the event was so frackin huge, and all of the diversity of RP and experience that offered. When plot was swamped there was more than enough opportunities to keep your hands full with other PCs. Like, I had no idea Angana had made an appearance, and I was specifically on the...
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    To Those Who Seek to Rebuild the Order of the Silver Rose

    Sir Tolgar, You kindness and support is appreciated, as always. I hope to get a chance to speak with others in the coming days and get a more solid idea of what we are facing and what we may need to combat it. Thank you. -Marisa
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    Weapons for sale! [Big West]

    Oh my, that bow is beautiful. -Marisa Silverrose