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    March 2020 Prereg - Due Friday March 06, 2020

    Event: March 13-15, 2020 Location: JBar CC Ranch Camp Official 2.0 Rulebook, and beta 2.0 Players Guide, can be found at: New Characters: Please review the 2.0 Players Guide, page 77 for how picking starting equipment works now...
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    Feb Event Canceled due to weather

    Questionnaire here for how to handle your Feb event fee:
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    *Canceled* Logistics Needs February 2020

    Edit: Event canceled. Please don't come to Logistics!
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    *Canceled* Cabins February 2020

    Edit: Event Canceled. Please don't try to get to a cabin!
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    Meal Plan - February 2020

    Hey folks. Here's a draft of the meal plan I was provided by the camp. Price is $20 for PCs. Full event NPCs eat free. Payment will be made directly to Gina. Cash is king but she can take card via square as well. Her contact info is if you need to discuss other options...
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    February 2020 Prereg - Due Friday January 31, 2020

    Event: February 7-9, 2020 Location: JBar CC Ranch Camp New Characters: Please review the 2.0 Players Guide, page 77 for how picking starting equipment works now. If my vets who are playing alts are able to pick their gear ahead of time and include it on their prereg, we can get you through...
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    Poll: Lets talk about DoomBlow

    Former rogue, changed out to spellsword with 2.0. Seems underwhelming and easily defendable, on top of requiring other skills to use. Havent put any thought into fixes though as I have no plan to return to the backstab life any time soon.
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    October 2019 Logistics Needs

    Copper pieces!
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    October 2019 Logistics Needs

    Yes, I'll take all payment so theres no running around.
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    October 2019 Logistics Needs

    Site Opens: 4pm Friday Logistics Open: 6-10pm Friday, 6-6:30-ish Saturday and Sunday (at reset, longer as necessary) The gate on to the property will be closed. Open it, enter, and close it immediately behind you. There are animals on property that we don't want to escape. Logistics building is...
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    October 2019 Cabins

    Cabins are a bit more full this month. Message me if there are any issues. If you're not on here you probably haven't registered for the event on the CMA (and should probably message me about that if you're planning to play)...
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    October 2019 Prereg - Due Friday October 11, 11:59pm

    Event: October 18-21, 2019 (3 Day event) Location: JBar CC Ranch Camp Attendance: This month I am asking ALL PLAYERS (PC and NPC) to indicate when they believe they will be at game. This is to try and help the Plot and Tavern teams with their respective planning. I understand you may not know...
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    September 2019 Logistics Needs

    Site opens at 4pm. The gate will be closed. Open them and come in, and then close the gate behind you. Logistics Building is one of the first on the left. Logistics will open at ~6:30pm Friday, depending on when Marcea and I can get away from work. Saturday logistics will be for ~30min on...
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    September Cabins

    September's Cabins. Shoot me a message if there are any issues or if your name isn't on here. If your name is not on here, I do not have a registration from you on the CMA (or you were late and I missed it)...
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    September Prereg - Due Friday Sept 13

    Event: September 20-22, 2019 Location: JBar CC Ranch Camp Magic Items: The prereg asks for item code. This is the 6 character code that looks like a random assortment of numbers and letters and is unique to each tag you have (ex. b7ac24e) There should be no chapter indicator or anything of that...