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    Favorite NPC for the Festival of Crows

    I had to vote for Lindsay, she showed great spirit and got into character all weekend. On Friday she was the elf maiden who fainted from fright at the orcs chasing her, and RP'd well. Her taking the zombie that wound up earning the name 'Flower' was just awesome. I think the moment that...
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    Body restored at the end of a Logistics Period?

    At the end of a Logistics Period, are Body Points restored to full at the same time that spells and skills reset? I ask because in our chapter most players *are* resetting their Body Points, but I was just talking with someone and they said they saw a thread on the forums saying that this IS...
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    "A Kingdom for a Cure" Review

    Been thinking about my experience at Logistics that I mentioned in the last post, and I came up with a system that might work; Have a designated area for players who are there for Logistics/Armour Marshalling to line up. After players are done what they need, they can hang around in another...
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    "A Kingdom for a Cure" Review

    I decided to wait a few days to see what other people had to say first (usually I post immediately when the thread goes up) I wasn't feeling well last weekend, so I spend an inordinate amount of time in my cabin (didn't stay up past dark, and most of Sunday) Logistics was complete chaos on...
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    Fall LARPer film student documentaries.

    Back in September/August, Dara - a film student at MRU I believe - filmed us in Fish Creek Park. I wondered what became of the footage because I never heard anything more about it after. Later, I was talking with a friend of mine about the LARP and she asked about the video shot in Fish Creek...
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    Proposed Camp Cleaning Plan

    One thing I would like to suggest is that perhaps you can sign up and choose what you want after you get all your stuff packed (IE - report to log after packing for your duties). This way, the 'mop' crew doesn't finish their packing and have to wait until the sweepers do their thing, the...
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    "Fey Runnings" Review

    I really, really, like Brett's idea of teams by task rather than the kind of free-for all we've been doing. I remember one event last summer where Lisa took it upon herself to mop all the cabins and it sped that up in a huge way. This will reduce the "Waiting for bucket..." issue in a big way! I...
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    May Carpooling

    Yes I do still need a ride, thank you! I will have very little gear (one backpack and *maybe* my staff, but I can leave my staff at home, it's not critical) I will PM you my phone # so we can make arrangements.
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    May Carpooling

    I'm going to need a ride up to the camp for this event. I'll be NPCing, so only need to bring a single backpack with me (I'd like to bring my staff, if there is room, but it is not critical.) I live in the south near Heritage c-train if a pick-up is possible, or would be willing to meet...
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    Costume Advice (overheating concerns)

    One question wasn't answered.. so; Don't need a clip for the boards - just keep it on you (I usually fold mine into one of my pouches for easy access - I used to keep it in the leather bag I always carry until I once had a bottle of water spill all over it making it unreadable!) I have _never_...
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    March Event Review - Trial of Tal the Traitor

    @Mike - I'm glad I didn't eat both of the cupcakes I bought to give the 'cupcake eater' that opportunity :D (I didn't want to use my coppers, so I paid a silver for 2, but only actually wanted to eat 1 - didn't really know what I was going to do with the other - I had thought to offer it to...
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    March Event Review - Trial of Tal the Traitor

    Was good - my favourite part was when the hooded figure came in and we were all cautious for a bit. I caught a glimpse of his white face and figured he was the Stone Elf from the trial before Magnus had his 'mini-stroke' (drained) My least favourite part was the break in tradition of going to...
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    February Dungeon Run Review

    One other thing that just came to mind - if there's a time limit, I think players need to know that before they go in - not mere minutes before the time is up. My group didn't know there was a time limit until there was 10 minutes remaining - and I hear the FIRST group didn't know until they...
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    February Dungeon Run Review

    Overall - I had a great time. I felt kind of useless overall in the dungeon (except I did eventually remember that Artie said to tell them he sent us - but I was Paranoid when the rest of the party started talking to the NPCs and for some reason was under the impression that they were talking...