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    August 2017 Event Registration

    Definitely logisted to pc and not on the list. It's Zimps
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    August event!

    Just pre-reg'd!
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    Poll About Swimming at the Events

    I'd like to see if we can fish the lake or how you go about that. Fishing tourney? Sounds pretty awesome <*{{{<<
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    A Wayfarer Lost...

    I've protected Jehyu in a couple different lands. Winner of some of my coyote games. Willing to make and sacrifice. Though he is gone, in light heartedness, we find a rabbits foot is not as lucky as we all assume. 'Dis spell or that spell, bright colored fur and coat will not brighten the lands...
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    Clothiers will not be in attendance next gather...

    Clothiers will not be in attendance for the next gather as well as I am closed for commission for summer. However if you require small pieces or recipe work, then inquire. Fair thee well in the next gather, Zimps
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    Opener Favorites!!!

    Next Time you guys run a small luncheon like that let me know and I'll prepare A delicacy:) thanks again for all the hard work!
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    Opener Favorites!!!

    Thank you to all the npcs and staff for the hard work this past weekend. I never usually leave favorites but I'm gonna try to start -the intensity of the tourney -breaking trickster code by tricking the trickster :X lesson learned -going on the seeded walks then getting attacked by a dragon...
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    Sent a private missive

    Sent a private missive
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    Update on Services offered by Clothier/Leatherworkers

    Another thing is at the upcoming gather I will be doing repairs and adjustments. This means if you have something, even if I didn't make it, I will repair busted seams, rips/tears, and if needed, I can make and put on a patch on majorly wore items. As well as if you have something you'd like a...
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    Update on Services offered by Clothier/Leatherworkers

    Open for orders now for next gather. Get them in!
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    Update on Services offered by Clothier/Leatherworkers

    If you'd like to discuss with me about orders at the upcoming gather please seek me out. I'll be going throughout the upcoming months and if my nose is wrong, which it usually isn't. I'll be hunting and falling into fur of beaver, muskrat, and coon. Fall months I may be getting larger kills but...
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    Contracting with the Clothiers

    Due to the nature of our business as Clothiers, the clothiers will now be implementing a new contracting rule on which how business will be conducted. As one can imagine gathering supplies can vary land to land and time of season and availability. As well as the time it takes for paws to make...
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    Ritual Scroll Pricing

    It really all depends on the market. If the game is flooding with arcane armor for some reason, sometimes I can see it barely even going for anything. But if it's been a while since an arcane has been discovered or available. I've seen an arcane go for 50+ gold. Also depends who needs it. I mean...
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    Archer bags/quiver

    I've seen some make like an actual quiver rep then at the bottom make a hole with elastic so they can reach and grab packets out the bottom.
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    Update on Services offered by Clothier/Leatherworkers

    Updates from the clothiers guild: The trees are becoming bare and winter is upon us. I am open for commission work for the winter. I am offering a new item, a hand sewn heating pad. With or without scent. You heat these pads up and they maintain their heat very well and are long lasting and...