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    changes to the 2017 schedule

    As well as the May event being changed to May 27, 2017. -Matt K.
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    Wayfarer's Guild Dispatch: Purify Necromantic Phenomena

    I will be in the area and will more than willing to help rid the area of this taint! Safe travels and my the trees always grant you shade! - Fenn
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    NPC for Oct Event

    Well our Oct event is this weekend and we are in need of NPCs!! We would love it if you could come and play with us. Bed, warmth and food! It will be fun and you will get something cool for helping us out. Even if it's only for a super Saturday or Sunday !! Let us know!!! Thanks and much love!
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    Trapping Large Rooms

    I wouldn't have a problem with the room sizes being different at different camps and/or chapters. As long as it is posted somewhere I could find it. The problem I would have would be if the room sizes changed at the same camp/chapter based on the marshal in the encounter.
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    Can you use an Evade then Resolute? There by canceling out the carrier and then dropping to 1 body?
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    Asking for Clarifications

    1) I read it as the use of MI is determined by what orders you are give by whomever cast the spell....other wise per day skills are left up to the player. 2) Yes you do...but you can also just buy crits and ba...which can be used (spent) to gain the bonus for a 10 min burst.
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    october dinner poll

    If it helps, either is fine...what kind of meat would you use for the shepard's pie?
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    Which performance problems and opportunities should the new rules address

    This is true...but rarely have I, as a PC, stepped up to a fight with 3 NPCs and have gotten hit with a big shot from each in rapid sucsection.....but as an NPC I can't count the number of times this has happened to me...with 5+ PC yelling 3 different big shots each.... So as a PC interacting...
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    Which performance problems and opportunities should the new rules address

    But add into that the flurry rule and it gets a little easier. Plus for me, smaller games and more 1 day events...lends more utility for that skill
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    Which performance problems and opportunities should the new rules address

    I like the new version of Evade...1/2 the damage and you drop the need to worry about the big damage calls with take out carriers...
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    September 9-11 Pre-Registration List

    Yeah, so I'm not going to make the event. So you can take my name off and fill it with someone else. Have a great event! Matt K.
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    August Event Favourites

    Thanks to The Staff and NPCs..great jobs everyone!!! Great RP all around. Asking different people just what was going on...who the squid face things were...what the Deep is (I really love Lovecraft ...and this hit on that big time) Rezing Friday night..the fight that lead to that..all great...
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    September 9-11 Pre-Registration List

    Pre logistics done....will pay a little closer to the event. - Matt K.
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    August 19-21 Event Pre-Registration List

    Per Dan...I'm using my payment from last month, which I couldn't make for this event. I'll be sending in my pre logistics soon. Thanks, Matt K.
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    Thank you all

    I will be in or around town for the next few months. Let me know if you need anything. -Fenn