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    Sorcerous Triage Catalyst

    that would be better didn't look into the wording on the ritual
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    Sorcerous Triage Catalyst

    I would too. I just see this being a very limited ritual for the game as there are lot of rituals that now take a Catalyst.
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    Sorcerous Triage Catalyst

    But using a Catalyst for a once ever seems over priced. being that chapters have limited Catalyst that can be sent out per year.
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    Sorcerous Triage Catalyst

    Having to use a Catalyst for a once ever seems overboard. This is a high magic ability so having to find a Catalyst to use as a rebirth is too much and may never be used. On that note it cant not be converted over in the new rule system in the rebirth aspect. This will be coveted ritual for sure...
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    Item Conversion Questions

    sounds good. I figured as much just wanted the clarification.
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    Item Conversion Questions

    Not sure what you mean on that. Say I have 7 rituals and the new item would be able to have 15. Your saying only 7 items will have a perm and 8 will have a perserve? Even thou it's all coming from one batch
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    Item Conversion Questions

    If an item only has a permanent set at a lower ritual count but the new item will have more items because the points allow will the permanent still be able to cover them all? or is the point calculator to help with figuring out points if you want to take the perm off and make something else with...
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    Ivory Tower

    I have had little time to invest into this problem over the winter, so I intend to assault the base of the encampment next market day and hope to have to get into the tower and cleanse the problem I believe is causing the state of the stone elves holding power around the tower. I have seen them...
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    Chapter Improvements

    I would like Friday night. Hard to do some mods in the dark for personal plot.
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    Chapter Improvements

    I personally had a hard time focusing on trying to be active. I knew I had things but my motivation was down. I think planning some of the event on the PC side would help and now that there is some invested interest into plot lines more things will be focused on next event. I am pushing my newly...
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    April 12-14 Event Feedback

    Having a lot of preparation and extra things to gather for the event made the week stressful. Coming in Friday night I was looking to get info and try to meet the new adventures. Didn't care much for mods as I did food but the ones I did were either too many people coming out of boredom or just...
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    April 12th-14th Pre-Reg Open

    His email was not right in the old database. Will have it all good once on site. You guys are good
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    Change in sleeping arrangements April 12-14 event

    Are the other cabins not usuable at all if preferred?
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    master level crafting benefits

    With the new rituals and the ability to identify production in a circle the benefit for getting 20 ranks into potion, alchemy compared to scrolls and blacksmith seem unrewarding. There should be a better bonus for becoming a master level crafter. I know there has been talks in the background but...
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    New Year New Problems

    Thank you Saro. Should of pushed that dreaming rather than starting my own. On that note. It looks like you and I are running the trouble this year lol. Heard some new adventures are abound so may be nice to get fresh eyes on how to solve some of our problems. Pyke