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    Combat Enjoyment since 2.0

    27th level scout. I swing far far less than I did before. 4-10 now compared to 10-18 before. And truthfully, it feels bad. Even if I get behind something to swing 10s I don't feel like it does anything, let alone face to face swinging 4s. I have a reasonable amount of per day skills, but...
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    Spirit forge

    Seeking a spirit forge set. Offering 100 gold or trade in scrolls for the set, if you have either the scroll or cat, please feel free to contact me I am sure we can work something out. Sir Tanis House Zodiac
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    The Passing of a Hero of Fortannis

    Well General Taylor gained the day. Walk him along, John, Carry him along. Well General Taylor he gained the day, Carry him to his bury'n ground. Tell me where you're stormy? Walk him along, John, carry him along. Tell me where you're stormy? Carry him to his bury'n ground. We'll dig his grave...
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    Poll: Lets talk about DoomBlow

    Am a scout and didn't bother to take doom blow, underwhelming, over taxing on multiple skills to use. Don't ever plan to buy it.
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    [Aer'Astria] Season 6 - Game 1 Pre-Registration

    If you are starting a new, higher level character, how do we go about putting in for items/gear? It's a Seattle housed character but will be playing them there.
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    September Favourite Moments

    I liked how we did it
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    A place to stay

    Is there a specific cabin we should look for?
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    A place to stay

    If you have the bunk space, then we were happy to bunk there. Thank you.
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    A place to stay

    Thank you Sir Durnic, we should sit and have a drink if able. As for sleeping arrangements, we can split to a group of 2 and a group of 3 if that would help.
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    A place to stay

    Figure this is a good place to speak up, looking for space for 5 people. 2 of which are pages. Sir Tanis
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    Crafting services

    Thank you, I have gold set aside for you. Sir Tanis
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    Crafting services

    Thank you.
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    Crafting services

    I am more than happy to cut my order in half if it gets you what you need, Zeth.
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    Crafting services

    I would like to buy twenty cure 20s please. I am a spider, generally wearing a black and purple sir coat with a dragon head embroidered onto it. Sir Tanis
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    Crafting services

    I am interested in buying a batch of potions, what are you prices? Sir Tanis