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    What was your first magic item ever?

    6x Ever 30 Magic Assassinate in the form of a domino. As a fighter, I didn't think I'd get a whole lot of use out of it. And then I dropped all of them in the same event I got the item. Damn the Monarch.
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    Should Flurry be a national rule or a local rule?

    Then it's my definition of theatrical that disagrees with his. Theatrical combat is something that's super European to do and basically has no calls and is all about flourishes and style. A slower system that still has combat calls doesn't equal theatrical for me.
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    Should Flurry be a national rule or a local rule?

    What it comes down to is I guess, what is good for the many vs what is good for the few or the one. Is this a change (both Flurry and the 2.0 as a whole) that the Alliance needs to stay viable in the ever changing American LARP community? Probably yes, we do run on an older system and it's not...
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    Combat enjoyment Poll

    I'm going to say Sport and Theatrical together for me
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    Should Flurry be a national rule or a local rule?

    Another question pops up as old habits die hard. National implementation: It takes everyone a few events to get used to it. Eventually most people can implement the flurry rule and have fun with it. But there are some folk who just can't seem to shake the old ways. What do we do about those...
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    Build Cap Poll for S1:E2, Echo Chamber

    Just as a heads up, the new "minimum" numbers will be higher due to the recently announced change in starting body/build from Nationals. Wanted to say something so that people who are on the very edge of the cap don't get pushed over by it and it's taken into account when announcing the new cap.
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    Oh boy that was certainly a time. -Thank you NPCs! -Cousin! -More cousin! -Still more cousin! -Snoot booping over crossed swords. OLDPEEG was such a whirlwind of feels and all of them delightful to have. -Hornmom. Asherah looking after everyone (sometimes looking down on them, especially me!)...
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    Renaming MWEs?

    Throwing my lot in behind Sylvanborn. I played a MWE once upon a time and it seems to me that some people embrace the "Meewee" but I think most players embrace the culture of the individual campaign more than this, in my opinion, silly nickname. I can't read tone over forum posts so I'm not...
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    Stormbreak Pre-Reg for first event

    Dave D, paid to PC Kiratani Tanzanite
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    Build Cap

    Follow up question: What is the ritual cap policy as it stands and how does LCO effect it, both from other chapters as well as HQ LCO items?
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    April 2017 Favorites!

    Thank you Staff and NPCs! -As someone who's helped run a game, props to the staff for the epic save of changing camp sites day of. -Birb wedding. Thank you plot for the added touch! :) -Getting rolled Friday night and Saturday night. I know I'm not as good a fighter as I used to be but that...
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    Placing an order...

    I had an incident involving a swarm of bats, a violent golem and a nasty explosive surprise. The short version is, I need more alchemy. Not a huge order, but I'd like to get my stock back up to where I'm comfortable. Send me a private missive and we'll discuss what I need and how much. Thanks...
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    A celebration!

    There's lots going on but I plan on celebrating a bit this coming gather. Celebrating love, happiness and the small miracle that is "I'm still alive and so is she." Friends and family, one and all. Witness us, Stephano and Julianna Hallik as we have a proper wedding, with food and words! Meat...
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    <Echoing throughout the dream realm>

    It's in my head too, I haven't dreamed anything from Barran in a time. Lila, it's mostly fine, we'll probably be taking a trip soon if the mists decide we need to go. Keep your gear ready. Whatever caused this ringing, yes, I am paying attention now. Stephano Hallik
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    I'm not going to say I have the best end-all-be-all ideas. But it was something that popped into my head and I want to thank you all for your points and discussion of it. That's all that's come into my head so far so I'll lurk to see what other people think and maybe get inspired? I am a fan of...