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    NPC Shift Follow up

    Good evening everyone, I wanted to follow up on my post from a few weeks ago where we announced that we would be doing NPC shift starting this season. We have a couple of items below to tell you all about in regards to these shifts. 1. Our writing team has been working on a multi-chart setup...
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    NPC Policy 2020 Season

    Good evening everyone, As we are coming into our new season and campaign, we have a new policy to announce. Starting this season we are going to be implementing requisite NPC shifts. Over the course of the last few years, we have had many and major difficulties filling NPC camp to allow us to...
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    2019 New Magic Item Picks and Procedures

    2019 HQ Magic Item Pick List Updated policies At Ashbury, we want to make sure that people who go out of their way to lend a hand to the chapter get properly rewarded for their efforts! That’s why we offer our players the Magic Item Pick List, from which anyone can “buy” Magic Items, scrolls...
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    Pre-reg for August event

    Sam Obermayer to PC
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    Stormbreak pre-reg for August event CLOSED

    we have another 4 people who have yet to register who will be in the cabin with us.
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    Stormbreak pre-reg for August event CLOSED

    I would like to reserve Gargoyle for the black tusk warband (Samuel Obermayer, Bobby Stoel, Akiva Blickstein, Dom Alioto)
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    Oxalis All 7 members of the Black Tusk war band will come to your aid in this rescue attempt. Kriv
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    Stormbreak Pre-Reg for first event

    Samuel Obermayer to PC
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    July 29 pre-registration

    Samuel Obermayer to NPC
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    Tell us what you think so far... AND FAQ

    So far everything looks awesome i'm super excited to play a Kesh. But me and a few other people are wondering if you have figured out your level cap yet and whether it will be a hard build cap or a spent build cap.
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    June pre-registration

    Samuel Obermayer to NPC
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    May pre-registration

    Samuel Obermayer to NPC
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    April pre-registration

    Samuel Obermayer to NPC