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    Fancy Feathers

    Looks nice. Feels like a Biata version of Wild Elf.
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    Fancy Feathers

    I've been out of the loop for a bit. Is this a new racial feature?
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    Stone Elf Advice

    Stone Elves developed the ability to control their emotions because emotions cause them severe, wracking, physical pain. Logic/rationality is more of a side effect of dealing with that pain.
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    Welcome to the Maelstrom!

    Sounds like a wonderful world. I really hope to experience it next year.
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    May Event Setting

    My guy was "lost" in the mist for quite some time. Popping out somewhere he doesn't recognize will be interesting. Let the Mod commence!
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    I have 2 that I will bring along. One is white/grey, the other is a light brown (hopefully not too blonde).
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    May event preregistration CLOSED

    FYI I'm still looking for a ride. :)
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    May event - Looking for ride

    I'll be in Riverside, NJ leading into the weekend. Anyone in or near there who has room, please drop me a line here or on FB. I will have $$$ for gas.
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    May event preregistration CLOSED

    If all goes well, Maria and I will be visiting NJ leading into Memorial Day weekend. As such, I am in need of a ride to the event from (in or near) Riverside, NJ. If our car issues aren't resolved by then I will need a ride from (in or near) York, PA. Just putting the feeler out now so that I...
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    Formal Wylderkin Council

    *QUORK* MISCHIEF!!!!! So that's where you are. When do you take up residence in my head? Anyway, to your point on pets. I've been keeping Big Z for quite some time now. Should I free him? -MaDCap
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    2014 Schedule

    Got it now. I just read this thread:
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    2014 Schedule

    So, the May 23 event is a long event, right?
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    A Note on the Vansir

    Am I correct in assmuming that any future Vansir plot would more properly come under the heading of 'character plot' rather than 'racial plot'?
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    A Final Chance To Forgive The Wraith

    I would prefer that the corpses of the Wraith stay where they lie. However, the Bear spoke hastily. Some joined the Wraith willingly. It is not possible to tell those Varg from the ones being controlled. I will not deny the honor of proper funeral rites to the worthy simply because they...
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    A Final Chance To Forgive The Wraith

    Ulthoc, Caoimhe is still out there. Funeral rites should fall to her, for the Bear tribe at least. Telokh