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    Missing Ring

    If one happens to come across the lost ring, or one looking similar to it, please deliver it to my Court. If Altohtaro Armand does not identify it as his heirloom, it will be returned to you. If he does identify it as the one belonging to his family, you will receive five gold in...
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    Items left in NPC camp

    So, there were a bunch of things left behind in NPC camp at the event. I got the joy of carting them home because nobody else had any space at all. Your things are safe and well fed, but I have enough things of my own, so if you're missing your things, please contact me privately so I can...
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    a murder in the land

    Re: to: squire kailani or anyone that can reach her Opportunistic attacks are done either for flashed around coin or magic items, (in which a good sum is taken) or for the thrill of the kill (in which generally nothing is taken). As neither was the case, it was likely an attack designed as a...
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    Should we keep Rumor Sheets?

    Honestly? I'd almost prefer all the rumors to be "targeted." I always liked when they were tied to groups/character histories/skills/etc. And yes, I agree that it would be a TON more work, but I think it supports a more "get out of it what you put into it" mindset then the "hey, you just...
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    Should we keep Rumor Sheets?

    So, we can target rumors to be placed on certain rumor sheets for certain people, Mike? Ten years on plot and this is the first I'm hearing of this.
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    A little birdie needs new tunes

    Sue and Goodman Wolcott, It seems you've been a bit off your game these past few years. I mean, you're officially trumpeting victory in getting the scoop on a romance that has been in place for over three years. Shame. I used to expect your articles to at least be amusing. Now, you're...
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    A Hazy Dream of Loss, and Fire

    There was a time when this place was a world of solace and comfort, adrift in a vast ocean of confusion and loss. The weapon racks sat along the wall, naked and bare for the first time in a decade. Those racks had been the cradles for arms that would eventually lead armies, defend kings, and...
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    A Warning for Travelers.

    As he ended with "remember your flame auras," my guess is fire works. Probably so does just beating on them, a lot. Because, you know, sometimes, it's good to take your time with things. Count Ulthoc Crownsmith.
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    October pre-registration closed

    Re: October pre-registration DEADLINE SUNDAY Emailing me is fine... you know the address. ;-)
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    October pre-registration closed

    Re: October pre-registration
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    A Note on the Vansir

    Fur. It's the new Black.
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    September 2013 Favorites

    Okay, so, if I don’t get to this, Michelle’s going to ritually assault me OOG, so I guess I should post something. (Warning: this will probably get long-winded) Okay, so, I have a ton to be thankful for. First of all, not many people are lucky enough to ever even have one amazing woman in...
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    October pre-registration closed

    Re: October pre-registration Since Tracey was so kinda as to mess up Collin's attempt to perm Ulthoc, I guess Count Fuzzy will be making an appearance. You might say this one's..... wait for it..... In the bag. (ahhh, is that the joke you think it is...?)
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    Declaration of intent.

    It is easier for strong men and women to uphold their morals and values in war, than it is for them to do so in peace. I support the Captain and the members of the Peerage who have already spoken on this. There will always be times to put blades to foes- let this be a time to stand untied...
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    A Final Chance To Forgive The Wraith

    The Wraith and their Warchief saw the End Times coming... and grew afraid. Maybe they feared the end of their own days... or maybe they feared the end of their loved ones, those they cherished. They took the only path they could see- trying to hold back the tide at all costs. The fact that...