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    Blacksmith for hire

    Greetings All, The forge fires are calling me toward Wayside in the month of August. I am Franz Firebrand and I have met some of you, although not all. I am sending this missive in advance of my arrival to determine if there are any outstanding blacksmithing requests that need to be fulfilled...
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    (3) NP: Planar Tear. PNA: New Orc Clan in Fairfax!

    Yumo and I were planning to carefully fiddle around with the portal and try to how to best understand the plane of magma. Any others, scholars included, are welcome to come and help us learn and understand. Franz
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    (4) NP: Vampire Sighting

    I do not recall anyone being bitten, but then again I was busy trying to get help from Grandmaster Krugar. Franz Firebrand
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    Fake Beard vs Makeup?

    I would second the stubble look. I even had a sponge in my stage makeup kit specifically for it. If you want I can take a look for one and send the info your way.