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    Spider Island: Part 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

    3 & 4) With the changes in the magics I intend to provide support in repairing weapons and armor. I also intending to bring and use battle magic scrolls for releases and the like, although my personal collection is not as large as say Aramis' 7) Lore and Gemclipper appear to have the most...
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    Spider Island Assault Plan

    Any recommendations for those of us who tend toward more agressive magics? I doub't Webs would be totally effective, but was any one able to discover what happened if we shackled their legs together?
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    Specialty crafting for April 15th market

    Professor Bookworm, I am a master blacksmith and will be available at the coming market and I may have resources and people available to try and pick up the last ingredients you are missing. Well Met, Franz Firebrand
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    Things to do at April 1st Market

    Thank you for that clarification Iggy
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    Things to do at April 1st Market

    We're ending a war. My understanding is going on a boar hunt overnight when there are fewer guards present. Stealing some boots and then killing the last general. Plus odds and ends all over the place.
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    To End the Olothen War - Final Battle

    All, Phoenix Flight has had making a trip to gather resources from the Plane of Metal on our list of things to do for some time. Would it be beneficial for us to expedite that trip to gather extra Iron and similarly magnetic metals to construct these boots? We would be able to gather some...
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    Visits with Franz (and Phoenix Flight)

    *A well manacured parchment bearing a blue and red seal in the form of a Phoenix is nailed to various message boards* Phoenix flight will be gathering this Saturday (March 5th) to discuss some guild affairs. I, as Guildmaster, would like to extend an open invitation to anyone that would like to...
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    Race Packets

    They're on the list of things to be updated but may be a while.
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    Task before the April Market

    As it was explained to me many Ternians grew bored during their years as undead and would 'tap' themselves like a keg and drink it. Supposedly it tastes super great and is addictive. The biggest concern at the moment is that drinking enough of it can turn the individuals back to mindless undead...
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    A support in training

    (( A carefully intricately folded scroll bearing the a red wax seal of The Phoenix Flight Guild set with a small sapphire arrives to the Moonlight Sentinels, The Guild. Each is addressed to leaders of each institution, and is scribed in all capitals (for legibility, not as anger). A similar...
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    ALW's Grand Opening Donation List!

    Will we see gobbies for other donations (i.e. paypal) prior to the new year? Or will all donations be sorted out in the new year?
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    Names & Faces

    IN GAME: Guildmaster Franz Firebrand (He/Him) Out of Game: Myk (like Mike)
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    Hook Finale Favorites

    Late to the party but: Being the lone Dwarf at the Elf wedding But also reaching out to Renza (making sure she was included) and in the process of getting an invitation for her to have getting rifted out to said wedding. Boy was Renza pissed that Franz yet again got roped into random business...
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    An accounting of Professionals

    Spaz, My apprentice Bruenor is a Journeyman Blacksmith. My Celestialist Jeralen is a Journeyman Scroll maker. Also my quartermaster is an artisan of sorts, I am looking into his specific abilities and will provide you an update when I get such information, or direct him here. Guild Master...
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    Viktor Hook

    Lady FallingStar, Do you know which reagents are needed for your Ritual? I know that some magics require different reagents at different times of the year. We may not be able to directly contribute with formal studies but we may be able to find a few reagents to ease the burden. Master Firebrand