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    Alliance Oregon Fundraiser

    Good Afternoon Everyone, Alliance Oregon is running a fund raiser. Here is a link :) Dustin
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    Questions regarding age restrictions

    Thank you for your interest in our chapter. Here is a link to our age restriction policy. Parents or Guardians are welcome to play if they wish. To this effect if they wanted to hang out in the tavern they could do...
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    Alliance Calgary Fundraiser

    Good Morning Everyone, Alliance Calgary is running a fund raiser. Here is a link :) Dustin
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    Alliance UT Fundraiser

    Good Morning Everyone, Alliance UT is running a fund raiser here is a link. :) Dustin
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    NPC Shifts

    Alliance LARP NH utilizes its NPC participants in shifts. The shifts are as follows: Friday 10pm -2am Saturday 10am - 2pm Saturday 2pm - 6pm Saturday 9pm - 1am Sunday 10am - 2pm If a participant who is registered as a PC completes a full NPC shift they will be rewarded with 120 Goblin Stamps...
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    Defunct Chapter/Campaign Ritual Scrolls

    Edited. A final paragraph has been added stating the need to submit for the conversion a week in advance of an event, and also noting that due the potential of getting verification from outside of ALNH we cannot guarantee the time of delivery for replacements.
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    Defunct Chapter/Campaign Ritual Scrolls

    If a player turns in a Ritual Scroll from a defunct chapter or campaign, that contains a Ritual Effect within the standard Alliance LARP Rules, they may be issued a replacement NH LCO Ritual Scroll. Use of this policy will be dependent on having some means of verifying the defunct Ritual...
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    September Ashbury Pre registration

    Just to clarify I had made a donation to reserve one of the private rooms for this event on August 23. I had requested the Air room but do not see it listed above. While that was my preferred pick one of the others would do fine instead. :) Dustin Springer
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    September Ashbury Pre registration

    I know there is still an event between now and then so I figured I would drop a line here to mention that my recent paypal payments are for the membership, registration, and a private room for this event and not the one coming up at the end of this month. :) Dustin
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    Alliance GB Fundraiser

    Good Afternoon Everyone, Alliance GB is running a fundraiser with a 6:1 GS to dollar ratio. Here is a link. :) Dustin
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    Plot Staff Recruitment

    Good morning Everyone, Alliance LARP NH’s Videa Campaign is looking for full time plot staff members. This Major Staff position would require; attendance and NPCing at most Videa events, participation in voice chat meetings on Discord, and utilizing Alliance LARP NH’s Google Drive folder for...
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    Cinderfel Campaign Effects and Policies

    Edited: Recall Item Ritual Effect added to Circles of Power section.
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    Mint Workstations

    Specialized LCO Workstations are now available and can be purchased for 20 Mint each. Workstations come equipped with the tools and instructions necessary to produce items that are similar in function to regular production items, but that are made using differing methods as well as alternate...
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    August 9 - 11 Player List: A light in the distance

    Edited: Link to Freeplay CMA readded with out reference to build caps.
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    Outside LCO MI Policy

    Any LCO magic items from other Alliance LARP chapters are also valid, in a limited capacity, at Alliance LARP NH events. These items must contain only rituals that exist in the National List in order to qualify for use at Alliance LARP NH events. No Plot Artifacts or Plot Effects from other...