2.0 Dark Elf - Makeup, Wigs, and More

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    So, since the announcement of the makeup change to Dark Elves back in May, I can't help but notice that there have been almost no how-to or informational posts about how to approach the new makeup scheme. There were a few hinted at in the original thread (which I'll replicate below), but having a dedicated thread in the Art, Costuming, and Props section seems like it will help more people searching for information compared to the announcement thread. Thus, with the impending release of 2.0 and me finally getting off my lazy rear to type something, here's a ball to start rolling to help the people out there, new or old, looking to get some information on one of the highest make-up requirement races in Alliance!

    Wig websites, for those wanting some different hair: (Thanks to my sister, a semi-former CosPlayer)


    If you've got color recommendations, tips, tricks, or anything pertaining to the 2.o Dark Elf costuming, your contribution would be most welcome.

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  2. Muir

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    I haven't tried it, as I don't have any in my makeup kit, but it was suggested by Lost Nation when we were kicking this around that using a dark blue/purple foundation makeup then using a black setting powder over the foundation to provide darker lowlights while still staying overall blue might make for an interesting look that's less primary color than most of the color foundation makeups and as an added bonus is flatter as well.
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    >.> So, like, someone could totally copy one and make one appropriate for our game, but a 5 second google search for "wow night elf make up tutorial" returns, like, a bajillion results.

    Which is not at all what our dark elves are, but the base layering and shading from any one of those tutorials is bound to be useful.
  6. Gandian Ravenscroft

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    Definitely. There was a player (Asura) that used a base of purple with a black setting powder at the Chicago October event, and I think his purple coloration was really great.
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    Yeah, look for charcoal setting powder. I used to use if for my panther sarr. :)

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