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    Good Morning Everyone,

    I wanted to mention a few things about our event that will be held prior to the official release date of the 2.0 Rules Set.

    While this 2.0 Pre-Release event is not a Play Test event like our 2018 Season Closer it will in some respects work like events from the last playtest round.

    Like the play test event players will be able to completely change the skills on one of their characters. This will be done using the same experience point total they have currently or the maximum amount of build allowed by the campaign’s build cap. Also a character’s race may not be changed, except in the following cases:

    Sarr must change to either Human or Wylderkin.

    Barbarian must change to either Human or Oathsworn

    Dark Elf may stay Dark Elf or choose to change to any other race (as per the makeup color change already announced).

    Magic Items will also need to be updated for this event. Each item's duration and form stays intact, but all Rituals that are going away (or changing significantly) must be swapped for a different non-Catalyst Ritual (new or existing) on a one for one basis on the same item. Rituals may not be swapped between Items, and Items cannot change, except as follows:

    Controlled Spirit Store rituals must be converted either to a different (non-catalyst) Ritual or changed to a Regeneration ritual. All other Rituals on the bottle are swapped for Spirit targetable Rituals (existing or new in 2.0) on a 1 for 1 basis.

    Enchanted weapons and Wands may change their type if the character becomes unable to use a specific existing item or changes the type of weapon/item they specialize in. For example, an enchanted Sword can change to a Mace, a Relic, or a Polearm.

    Any number of Rituals can be swapped to one or more new targets, so long as (a) the new Rituals are from the 2.0 newly added rituals and (b) the new Rituals have a specific Item <target> type (such as "Item <Spellbook>" or "Item <Armor>"). These new items are considered to have a duration of the event the player is attending.

    True Empowerment flaws and "Half Damage from X / Double Damage from X" flaws created via the Ritual Manipulation High Magic are removed from all items; if it is unclear whether such a flaw was due to this High Magic, the flaw should be removed by default.

    When memorizing spells, players may choose to memorize and Meditate ARB 2.0 spells that are not currently in their spellbooks. They must still have a valid spellbook to memorize or Meditate from. Similarly, new Production items can be made for which the character does not have an appropriate recipe (such as a Berserk globe).

    Everything that happens within the event is “canon” and will stay as a long-term part of your character’s experience, even their changed skills and abilities. However, character deaths will not apply to your card after the event; this is not something that your characters will know out-of-game, and they should not be played thinking that deaths don’t matter.

    By the end of the event, characters will likely have accrued some new items which are specific for 2.0. These should be printed on pink paper. These items will need to be set aside after the event and will not be able to be brought back into ARB 1.3 games, but once the 2.0 rules are officially started, these items can be brought back in. This includes any 2.0-specific Rituals and any 2.0-specific Magic Items.

    All of the character’s preexisting Magic Items and Rituals (that don’t get otherwise used up during the event) will return to normal after the event is completed. Similarly, characters will return to their 1.3 builds after the event concludes.


  2. I saw on the prelogist board that Logistics will be there to help us "re-make" our characters and magic items. I did see that from now on we (the players) are required to logist our own characters and bring our own cards, etc. For this first event will there be the ability to print cards and magic item tags? or will this all be kept electronically? I just want to be prepared as it is in three weeks and I don't have a printer and I also don't know what I'm doing. I don't want to bother the site owners with using their printer for stuff.
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    So to answer your question we will be able to print a card as long as we have Internet. I'm trying to prepare people for days in the future when that might not be the case. If we didn't have internet access we would go based off your previous card(hold on to your cards) and have to hand write a character card for you. We will also be handwriting the magic items for the pre-release event. Even if you do not have a printer and did not bring your card, you need to register your character in the CMA for our event. If you do that I will have time to print your cards and have them ready for you at logistics. If you do not register and just show up to an event expecting to play there will be complications.

    Thank you all for your participation in this restructure.
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    I have a magic item that needs to be converted, is there a link, email or messenger I should use to get it taken care of before the event, or just update it at the door?
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    That is a good question. I would suggest emailing the information about the item, as well as how you are planning to convert it at the Pre-Release event, to videalogistics@gmail.com so that our Logistics Staff can best address the conversion and have things ready for you when you arrive at site. Also note that the schedule for our season places this one event before the official start of 2.0 and as such items for this event convert temporarily following the same system that was used for the playtest event. Our second event for the year is scheduled on the actual go live date for 2.0 and many items will need to undergo a final 2.0 conversion using a different conversion process prior to that event. Thank you for the great question and I hope this information was helpful.

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