2017 opener favorites!!!


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Heya folks!

Please take a few minutes and list your favorites from our event. Let our staff, NPC's and PCs know what made your time great!


It was a good weekend!

So, if you are blowing up a dam, what side of the river do you stand on? Is downstream really the best option?

The Queen releasing the nobles from their oaths was a very solemn scene. The rapid succession of loyal subjects reiterating their oaths, and some new initiates too, was amazing to watch.

A lot more to talk about, just a bit tired.

Well i wasnt expecting to play Lojo twice but Michelle surprised me Friday night.

Nice to see the town rally so fast for him. Seriously, pretty damn quick.

Noticing my spell arm didnt get too rusty over the winter.

Pretty great to be part of the spectacle, Jinothans oath pretty much boiled down to "Once more with feeling"

The look on Joe Siegels face when he got called up for the belt, im glad i was looking right at him.

Always always always a pleasure the RP with JP/Joshua. Even if things arent great between them, just the fact Joshua was willing to talk to him hits the feels.

Ericka S.

Goodness, this game was a ton of fun and it's great to RP with you all. I know I'm going to miss some things, but the favourites on my mind right now:

- Dude-bro-lady bonding with Thorinn. It was just a riot the entire game, and I really enjoyed getting to see deeper into the character, her loss around her tribe, and attempt to let her know she still has family even if she doesn't have tribe. Every conversation was great.
- The whole romance rituals conversation. Adventurers really don't get it and bugs get it even less.
- The wee new lambs! Getting to bond with new players was great and I really loved watching the personalities of the different characters in that new group come out as the weekend went on. It's great to see characters grow in just the span of a weekend!
- Fan girling over Gwendara. Jules likes her, really likes her, and that's weird. Jules has no clue how to express "YOU ARE SUPER COOL AND BE MY FRIEND" but she tried real hard.
- Watching the whole change in noble structure. While I wasn't involved in any of it, it was really lovely to see a whole ton of people put their hearts and souls on the line with some really intense RP. Great job, everyone. It was like an academy award winning film up there, I'm not exaggerating.
- Somehow getting involved in the weirdest goblin diplomacy ever and stumbling *** over tea kettle into negotiations with weirdly hot goblin redhead chieftan? Also "OH GOODNESS, DID THIS THING WITH GOBLINS, PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON?" -- the desperate attempts to research and get a ton of background info from the Dame when Jules had stuck her foot in it way too deep and had no way out.
- Continuing the tradition of hitting on bad-***, terrifying lady leaders of other superpowers. It's worked out for Jules so far.
- Time weirdness is weird. I'm really OOC excited about more time wonky stuff. IC? Super nervous and totally in over our heads. Listening to Joshua and Amaranthus discuss it all, trying to keep up, trying to figure out how to help, realizing she's just in way too deep. Sounds fun.
- Waking up from a nightmare on the nap couch two seconds before Kar went digging through Jules' brain. Insisting everything is fine. It IS FINE, FEELINGS ARE AWKWARD.
- Savin' some kiddos with teddy bears and HOPE.
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I had so much fun this event. Even when I was totally the wrong one for a thing it was awesome!

And now for some highlights

The Royal Spectacle of Belts and all of the heart surching and feels it has sparked.

QJW taking hours on a decision that everyone else knew right from the beginning!

Dame Gwendara getting knighted when she pledged to the Magistrates! You are gonna serve the people so good!!! And then your gift of trust. This lost and lonely barbar knows that she is seen and valued..... I haz such feels!

Holding Nikole's hand as she gathers her wits, courage and feathers to pledge herself to the Shield of the Archive. You did it Little Bird!

Monty! So much to drink and so little time! But what ever you do don't touch the skull jug!

Kar no more hive minds for you! I don't think the furniture can take it. My bum still says that was an awesome take down!

Jules if ever I meet a person looking for romantic advice I'm gonna send them to you! You made my event lady! Laughing and sad stories and battle buddies on the field and so much more!

There were so many good moments and I am so looking forward to next time!

Tracey Smith


Hanging out with some of my favorite people!

Ok, this one is a no brainer, getting knighted! But more so, all the amazing support and congratulations I got from like... everyone. Now to handle all that massive new responsibility

Talking with Jules and Thorinn about new roles and new names and being reminded how much names mean to Vansir. Then finding an old parchment and giving it to Thorinn along with a wee bit o' trust :)

"The document" witnessed, signed and sealed with wax and real stamps. Tycho is such an awesome character!

Going with Jules to negotiate with some goblins. Aaaand forgetting a white flag. Oops! I love hanging out with Jules and hope we get to see her more.

Everything Corrheim -errr Vanguard? Hah. You guys make me laugh so much and what an awesome family bond we have. Jake playing his accordion was great. Along with 80% Hal.

The deep feels with dropping our belts and colors, and Gwen feeling a bit lost without Grim having his white belt. Deep end of the pool here we come.

The discussion with Cole and Frank's characters and my first challenge as a newly appointed magister.

Joshua, "who is if we are talking to. Because that will change the response."

And of course NPCs! I had some really clean and fun fights all weekend. You guys rocked it for us. Kudos!

-Christine / Gwendara

Ericka S.

AHH HOW DID I FORGET CONVERSATIONS WITH SADIE? I super loved background bonding with Sadie. Accountants? Jules is so, so sorry. Don't ever go home. And then semi figuring out how to have a backpack and fighting together Sunday morning, though I know Jules was impossible, Sadie was still a rocking back pack and best gal. So much fun.


Asheville Staff
I had a great time at the event; glad I was able to make it!

When hobling instincts backfire: Sadie tucking the time string into her pocket without even really thinking about it. She knew it came with them through the rift, so no way was she just going to let it sit on the ground.

Hoblings with Hats is strong style. Sadie and Murphy are a hobling duo not to be messed with. Plus a whole squad of hoblings to work with! I almost never see that many hoblings in one place.

Getting to know the legion folk better. Sadie very much appreciates you all putting up with her tagging along. Also getting instant "we got your back" protection from almost strangers? Legion bros 4 life.

Rolling with Dexter. Sadie got a taste of walking around with scrolls in her pocket and it's just going to get worse from here. The quest for all the science and knowledge is full of Good Times. Plus fortress reflexes for the win.

Jules! Sadie loved seeing you again. You're the only character who has gotten Sadie to talk about home. Man oh Man do I love surprise character developments; I was not expecting those conversations or actually opening up and wanting to talk about home. You're stuck with a hobling friend now and good luck getting rid of her. :p
Attempting to backpack Jules at the last fight didn't work quite as expected, but I got in my healing and scroll chucking groove and was really pleased with how effective she was.

Grimm! Was not expecting Sadie to get updated about Kupspar and her home. Thank you for those talks, they really made my weekend.

The new PCs! I really enjoyed watching you all get the hang of the game and get into your characters. I had a lot of fun interacting with you all!

I forget how much I enjoy playing Sadie. I hope I get the chance to give her more play time again this season. Thank you everyone for a good time!