2020 Dates


Thank you so much for posting these so early!!


Where will the 2020 level cap information be posted? I can’t find the current cap, but I know there is one, and I suspect it will be updated for 2020.
If a pc exceeds the cap may they play but with a diminished card to stay below 309.9?
As far as I know, the bylaws have been updated to allow for building down to a chapter's cap in any chapter. The process for this isn't standardized to my knowledge, and not currently supported in the CMA.

Denver's process has been to register your character in the CMA as normal, with a note that an email will follow to logistics, with your character built down to the cap using the freeplay builder, and a PDF of that sheet attached.

If you have any questions about that process, you can email acarthialogistics@gmail.com and they can provide a more detailed answer to how that process is done.