2020 Scheduled Season Cancelled


As of this morning, the Traverse City Chapter Staff has decided to cancel all upcoming events for the remainder of the season.

This is not a decision that we undertake lightly or without a great deal of consideration. As many of you know, the chapter is already in a state of transition with the departure of the General Manager and the Head of Plot at the end of last season. When the new staff members took "office," we were excited about the prospect of maintaining our Alliance chapter and introducing plot elements that would provide our players with an interesting new experience.

But, like, many other chapters right now, we were forced to adapt to the onset of the novel coronavirus, requiring us to delay and then cancel prior events. When Michigan began to see a bit of relief and the governor lessened restrictions, we thought we could salvage the season with at least part of the planned plot, until the second wave of illnesses and deaths appeared.

Even if we were able to hold one or two events later in the year, our staff does not feel that we could provide you the players with a meaningful plot presence or a strong gameplay. Instead, we will take the rest of the year to consolidate our resources, get a better handle on the ARB 2.0, and better prepare our plot for (ideally) a great 2021 season. Regardless, we regret the necessity of this action and it saddens us to not be able to see you all this year.

In the meantime, we ask that everyone continue to do your part to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, in the hopes that this pandemic will be over - or at least we'll be well on our way out of it - before next year's LARP season begins. And of course, you can still chat in- and out-of-game on our chapter's Discord server. If any other news items come up, we will post them both here on the forum and on Discord.

Until next time,

Chris Thetford, Chapter Owner
Beverly Byers, Head of Logistics
Matt Waller, Head of Plot
Anique Puckett, Assistant Head of Plot
Taed Price, General Manager