Alliance 2.0 Rulebook: Beta 2

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That’s not accurate.

Poison Shield = 20 PP, 4th level “potion” equivalent.

Antidote doesn’t have a spell equivalent, but if it did, the closest it would be would be Awaken/Cleanse, which would be 4th level. 20 PP.

Paralysis - 40 PP, same as an 8th level potion.

Sleep - 30 PP, same as a 6th.

Cleanse is, in fact, out of sync with the pattern.


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Blast Globes cost significantly more than the equivalent Evocation Bolt scroll. Slow, Shatter, and Silence trap globes also come at a premium compared to equivalent scrolls. They're more convenient and have a better qualifier, even if they do require more skill to use.

Poison Shield and Antidote are, as far as production goes, alchemy exclusives, so there's no reason to upcharge for them.

Weakness, Sleep, Charm, and Paralysis poisons have a somewhat less powerful qualifier than their potion equivalents, so they don't need to cost more.

So why is Cleanse at a premium? Assuming it's intentional, my guess would be to let Potions have the advantage for group-removers in common. But maybe it's not intentional. I'm just noting that effects that cross production families don't necessarily have the same prices.


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Hi folks,

As previously noted, this thread is not the right place for discussion of balance / cost type questions. We would appreciate if those discussions were taken elsewhere so as to keep this thread on its original purpose, which is to find typos and errors in the Beta book.

Please note that this thread will be closed in the next few days, as the final 2.0 Beta rulebook comments have now been sent to the book editor. We appreciate everyone's input. Further rules questions and clarifications will come via the Errata process.

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