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    From John Walker (Tolib), and Jayden (Jake the Page), with an introduction to Diane (tbd).
    Greetings all,
    Jayden and I would like to thank all of you for our warm welcome at the May event.
    We have been studying for our adventure in LARPing, the learning curve is steep, but oh so exciting!
    It has been a lot of fun teasing out Jake the Page's character - a human, being mentored by Tolib, a Sulanari.
    Diane (wife, mom) wants to become part of the group in a supportive capacity - maybe even helping out in the Tavern!
    Jake is willing to help out as the Laundry Ogre, and Tolib is available to help as the Clean Up Yeti.
    Helping out with set up and/or clean up will be easy for us, since we only live 20 minutes from Chelsea.
    ~ Where is the best place to learn about the current state, and backstory of: SoMi?
    ~~ What is the best way to prepare for June 29th? ie... Should we be observes only? NPC'ers? Etc...
    ~~~ Our real life backstory related to LARPing - Diane has been a professional clown, Jayden is active in theater and enjoys improve, John is .... well old & unique >>> so we should fit in ok :)
    ~~~~ HOWEVER, we don't have previous LARPing experience, nor experience in board game RPG's .... So any tips and resources are VERY welcome. We have been reviewing Alliance forums, books, videos, and you tube channels about Larping.
    Many Thanks !!
    Best to all,
    Tolib, Jake the Page, & __?__
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