Arriving at the outer walls of Haven

Striding in the gates Capn Tixor looks around in awe. He'd never seen such a fancy colorful place before and wasnt sure if he like it or not.
As he strode in he saw Tamra laying at the feet of the construct..
He runs up flailing and grabs ahold of Tamras arm and trys to drag him off
"BQCK OFF YA BRUTE, HES A GOOD LAD...I think *shrug*.
"What in the stars!" Tamra shouts, then attempts to pull his arms away from Trixor.
"Captain, I assure you I am not done for! "
*let's go*
Tixor tips his hat to the construct
"Sorry you big burly...nice? Thingamagig"
Looking up he directs at Tamra
"Then whatcha looking at ...?"
Seraphina sighs, looking at Tixor with disappointment. She speaks, “He was fine. You are just making an unnecessary fuss.” She turns to the construct, “Could you tell me anything more about what was causing the earthquakes?”
The construct turns to face the worried biata.

"Greetings, my name is H.O.W.I.E. From what I can assertain..."

The construct takes a step back as Tixor grabs and pulls up Tamra.

"No apology needed sir. I am Haven's Official Welcome and Introduction Envoy... H.O.W.I.E. for short."

Its turns to face Seraphina

"The occurrences are underground earthquakes. They seem to be localized in a small area, indicative of...
At that very moment the ground shook again hard enough that many who were standing fell over. But as soon as it started it was finished. Looking around, it doesn’t seem that too much damage had happened, just a few things knocked over. Once every was back on their feet again and finished brushing dirt and snow from their clothing is when the sound came. A large explosive noise thundered far away from north west of the city. The noise shook many things that were toppled over when the ground shook and started the animals that could be seen, including horses that were pulling a carriage from the inner city causing it to be toppled over. A startled scream could be heard from inside.
The construct steady itself.

"Imminent volcanic activity"
Doc was right in the middle of handing a candy to a small child in the middle of the street when it hit. He dropped to a knee, grabbing the child by the back of the shirt to keep the little thing from bashing his head. He stood quickly, passing the child to his mother without a second look. He walked briskly towards Howie, ignoring the others around him, and grabbed a paper. He took a quill from his pocket and wrote a quick note on the back. He waved over a messenger and handed her the note. "Go and deliver this to the lower housing levels. Ensure they are preparing the space, then come back to me. Go." The sentinel watched as the runner left him, then turned to look for Ristec. "We are taking in refugees. We will need an armed escort with wagons and healers. How long do you need?"
The toppled over carriage’s door opened and a human with a blind fold over her eyes climbed out. “What in the he- Ristec, Doc, what was that?” Neysa asked the other two sentinels that she knew were near by.
H.O.W.I.E. made his way over to the blindfolded human.

"Greetings Sentinel Neysa, The seismic occurrences over the past few hours point to volcanic activity in a north western direction."
"Nonono," Tamra says quickly after getting to his feet, the Captn and Seraphina forgotten in his panic. Tamra walks as quickly as he can to catch up with Howie, not paying mind to the others that are around him. "Do you know how far away the volcanic activity is?"
H.O.W.I.E. turns to the distraught selunari.

"I am unable to tell you the exact distance that this eruption has occurred, but can calculate an approximate 1000 to 1500 kilometers away from Haven, in a north western direction. More information will be available after The Sentinels send some envoys out to apprise the situation and return with anyone requiring aid."

The construct turns away to return to it's original position, but stops with one foot in the air, and looks back at Tamra.

"Did you not inquire about a hot springs within Haven? A hot spring would be indicitive of underground volcanic activity."
Ristec gently lowers the child down while whispering in the wolfkins ear, the child then scurries away. She aknowledges to Doc while making her way to Neysa.

"My Crimson Division is always at the ready. The child is sending word to Captain Ludwig and First Sergent Sollel as we speak. We can be mobilized within the hour depending on the healers"

Meeting up to the carriage Ristec offers her help to Neysa should she need it, a gentle hand on her shoulder. "Howie says volcanic quakes."
"AHHHHHHHH! .... WERE ALL DON......wait what"
Tixor yells before getting to his feet
"1000 ta 1500? Ok that'll not be to bad"
He looks around at all the commotion alittle dumb founded
"Uh Hey? Mask face guy, Lady Biata? I be guessing ye two are some of the higher ups? Sentinels? Need a hand with the stuff and things?"
" do yer peoples n such?"
Neysa took the offer hand of assistance and looked to where H.O.W.I.E was to hear the information that he was saying. “That must have been a big eruption if we could hear and feel it from here. Something that big...” her head turned to the direction where the sound first came from. “Ristec, I do believe that your Crimson Division will most be needed. If Kainah’s reports are accurate any survivors from that area will be running directly into the territory of those cannabis. This could cause quite the anarchy situation.”

She turned to the sounds of slurred speech. “What would be the most help right now would be for people here to remain. We don’t know the situation and having too many people running in who are untrained in emergency services could only make matters worse in the long run. If you are willing to help people here remain calm. From what I understand there is a settlement up where this happened you might have some friends who may need some calming down right now.”
When the volcanic earthquake erupted, Seraphina almost steadied herself, but tripped and fell in the end. Was this time?

She then felt the earthquake pass, and got up, brushing off her cloak and picking up the rocks that spilled out of her bag.

Seraphina then steadied herself as she stood up straight, and sighed. Hearing the man ask about a Lady Biata, she turned and asked, “Lady Biata? Are you referring to me or someone else?”

She turns to Howie, and asks, “Was that a natural occurrence, or caused by something living? Do you know?”
"Stay here!? Stay calm!? That is easy for you to say, its not your home that has potentially been destroyed! It will take months to get there, and more to get back!" Tamra shouts, anything but calm. He closes his eyes and releases a deep sigh. Opening his eyes he continues with a serious tone, "When we complete this gauntlet, are we free to come and go from Haven as we please?" You can see his hands are balled into fists but he is no longer shouting and seems more in control of his emotions.
Neysa looked at the obviously emotionally distraught Selunari. “Yes. Once you complete the gauntlet you will be a citizen of Haven and permitted to all of the perks that come with that citizenship. I would suggest speaking to Sentinel Ristec about joining the Crimson Devision. That way you will have the weight of our army behind you if what you truly desire is to run headfirst into this situation. I admire your spirit, but understand that acting overly rashly that would lead to the deaths of more citizens or anyone would be looked at poorly. Know that we will be doing everything that we can until you are ready to save and assist as many of your people as possible.”
H.O.W.I.E turns to Serephina

"I am unable to tell if this was a natural occurrence, or if it was caused by something. However given the seismic activity and patterns leading up to this my calculations lead me to assume that a natural volcanic eruption has occurred. Please be aware that until further data is gathering, these calculations will have a chance of error."

The construct turns to face Tamra

"You are correct, it will take you approximately 2 months to make it to the assumed location. I have records of other envoy groups outside Havens walls, shall I ask their respective sentinels to communicate with them to send support?"