Arriving at the outer walls of Haven


Tamra looks at Howie, then at the two sentinels in front of him. "It seems that the Sentinels are already getting ready to send aid." Tamra takes a breath and the anger and energy appears to drain out of him as it is let out.
"I am going to rest, if you could please send word when you have any information, that would be most appreciated. Now, if you will excuse me." If no one else says anything to him, Tamra proceeds to head to his camp to relay what he had learned to his family and afterwards, to sleep.
The construct turns its head to look at the sentinels discussing the goings on.

"It would appear you are correct. I will send word when I receive any new information."

The construct then turns to retake it's original position, waiting for its next quesion.

Chris Rudd

A well dressed hobbling approaches. Wow if the volcano has erupted that is going to damage the economy. We need to see what damage has been done to the resources in the area.