August favorites

1. Hanging with HOG
2. Seeing eye Nom
3. Almost epic save of Nom
4. Even though it parts of it sucked, the Fey Curse. Allowed me to stretch my acting skills.
5. Hugs!
6. Killing the forest, very emotional time for Maxwell.

Thanks to all the people who volunteer to NPC and the plot runners! You guys are awesome.


1. Meeting everyone (sappy but true) (tree pun unintentional)
2. Pedro conversations
3. BOB
4. Continuously poking the shoulder of the shadow NPC who couldn't do any damage to me
In no particular order:

1. All things Bob Hope! He has a great skill set, just needs some refinement on timing. "Begining first aid."... "Thanks Bob."
2.The deck of many things, super fun! Really added some fun RP opportunities this weekend.
3. I liked the mechanics of the shadow fight. It was different and at times challenging.

As always, a HUGE thanks to all the NPCs and plot, you guys and gals give your all to make our weekend the best that it can be! You are the true stars and without you we'd just be a bunch of nerds dressed up in the woods. :-D

Cory Walker

Thanks everyone for attending, it felt like a good event and several story elements moving along. Here are moments from the other side:

1) (I suck at pronunciation) Brigit gives me a some long elvish name to announce. Don't worry, I butchered it.
2) Spirit of Hope and everything it learns.
3) New player Grinandhmad/Taed. You wouldn't have known it was your first time larping.
4) The Mala'kari Stone Elf (Grandmaster Dran Mosh'tan), seeing a group of adventurers armed and came in swinging, but able to convince them (and use previous relationships) to kill the Heart of the Forest. It was also nice from a plot standpoint, cause this story was stalling due to lack of stone elf or mwe. (Except Maxwell)
5) Love our plot team.
6) The very specific handling of Sunseeker
7) Evan coming out Friday and Saturday night to come run a mod that he had been brewing on for awhile.


I had a fantastic time. Let's get that straight from the beginning.
Thank you to all the runners and staff who made such a great event happen.

The overall event was much smaller in numbers. Big thanks to plot for allowing small pc groups to go to things. I saw many 2's and 3's groups going out. Great to see that we didn't have to bring everyone to everything. Plus wait time was kept very reasonable, big thank you. Largest wait was before the Shadow Dragon-ish thing, but that was mostly cat herding rather than true waiting.

The site felt more utilized than in previous events. Which was cool. Didn't realize how awesome those woods are where we were doing Dwarven mountain stuff. Other times some troubles telling what was on a mod, versus what was being run nearby IG. Mostly when it was dark out. Overall a small thing, but something to think about moving a bit farther away from the 'tree ring.'

I really felt like I got to talk to a bunch of people/NPCs who came into town. Traverse plot has some great character acting skills. Thetford's guy who really wants to die. (that we should've but didn't kill) Brigit's new Queen, The Pair of Drakes devolving into some light comedy after the killing. Pyke playing a pig scavenger and committing to it. (I should've asked for a bacon tag.) Tinker Tabby is always welcome in town. PC's just remember to actually bring the stuff you buy on the mods. In case, you know, it's important. <cough> ghost touch coatings <cough, cough> Cory basically having to play both sides of a battle of information is pretty funny to me. cheers for keeping that straight. (Riser/Sunseeker)

While I personally didn't like NPCs coming and looking for missing PCs, I did like that it drove home a point of actions have consequences. Also, we weren't punished for their absence, which was good.

I like that I had to eat crow on all my saltiness. I love that I failed as a PC on many levels. Well by loved I mean hated with burning fire of a thousand Salt Suns, but then came to terms with failure, and a resolve to be better, and THAT I loved.

I had a great time feeling like a boss against those Bullette's. All praise to the All-Mountain.

I like the new fire rule.

I love having special packets that get returned to me. Best color choice ever!

I really liked the Library Golem. That's a great cost/benefit exchange. Make the PCs think about what they want to do.

Big weclome to Taed. Always great to see new faces, and you jumped in head first to everything. Solid RP, well done for your first event. Looking forward to seeing you around more. Let's get you some goblins to start blanketing. (also I recommend the wide based pyramid for new Earth Casters, but that's just me)

Still haven't solved that puzzle. You got me a good one Chris. :cheers: Also thanks for your QoL pivot during dinner.

Stuff I didn't like so much isn't too bad.
Tent larpign is not ideal. I guess Grelic is an expensive option. Is that something where you are going to say "Hey we can Grelic if people pay X" or are you just going to go for it when we expect a larger turnout. Grelic isn't even that great, but I guess not tents is pretty good. Any perm site news?

Logistics took a while to get started, but felt efficient once it did, so nothing really bad there.

I don't have strong opinion on the re-mem thing. Willing to keep play-testing it more. Initial impression is it seems fine. Gives more flexibility to players, which I always love.

Biggest complaint would be the boulder mechanic on the shadow mod. Looking for tiny balled up tabards, and then having no way to tell, or reverse, partially moved boulders made for a very frustrating situation. Not sure what I would have done differently though given the circumstances. Maybe have the initial move of the boulder be much more difficult, but permanent. You wouldn't be able to spread the town out as much then though. It'd be a giant ball of protect the boulder-guy. So I guess in the absence of a better idea, given 3 days to think about it, I'm sure it was fine. As a town mod to keep varied levels involved, 10/10.

Overall I'm really having a great season. I love that each event I have more questions, but that doesn't mean I'm not solving or finding things, just more layers of the onion being pulled back. So progressing, and still realizing I have much more to progress.

Looking forward to Sept!



I had a great event. I am still learning as a plot runner and I know I have a fault of going to bed early. I work early and its hard to get out of the system of getting up early.
I had a lot of fun playing the zipper rattling stone elf. Havok is a hard man to fight. and the ending of that whole thing. Pyke would be happy to hear it.
My favorite thing was the pigkin. totally improvised saturday morning and it went great. I also enjoy the vanguard bandits.
I love the whole community and all we do. I talk about the events to all my coworkers and they just give me that dead stare.
hope next event will be even better. Remember to send in those IBGA's asap.



This was an amazing event. Really love when we have a smaller town, allows a better connection to everyone.

I really enjoyed tying up the Heartwoods. While I haven't really had much of a finger in that pot, getting Bob home really pushed the issue. Saro was so crushed to see the heart burn after a whole market of trying to save it. Havoks **** sandwich piece was really formative.

Bob made my weekend.

Finding more bones only to be forced into a bad trade deal.


Crazy Mist theories

Ok bye