Broken promise

Bjorn kneels by Trunk placing his ax on the floor and resting a hand on Trunk's shoulder. "There will be no going back, brother. If they try, we will bleed them dry."

Collecting his ax from the ground, Bjorn stands and offers a hand to Trunk. "Come, I have brought you a gift." After Trunk has been brought to his feet, Bjorn reaches into his cloak and pulls a string of game from his belt consisting of two plump grouse and three small rabbits. "Tonight we eat well, I know how you love roasted grouse."

Moving toward the door, Bjorn realizes that the pair of them are not alone. "I apologize, I have intruded. Trunk, are you unfinished here?"
Upon hearing the shouting, one of the double doors opens. Maealas looks around inside, hand on the hilt of his shortsword. Seeing there is no danger, he heads back out the door and resumes sitting on one of the benches, watching the surrounding area.
Trunk mutters quietly, "No interrupt, all friends here, old and new old and new. Kind you bring grouse, good eat, kitchen close." From a crouched position, Trunk looks down at his shaking hands covered in everything. His gaze crosses the table, and the eyes that rest upon him.

"Trunk will make clean, Trunk no try cause trouble. Sorry make big noise new friends." Trunk pulls a few rags from his bag, and begins cleaning. His chant can be heard feintly under his breath, "Lost and scard, pull the cord, safe and sound till we hear word. Lost and scared, pull the cord, safe and sound till we hear word . . ." Shaken, small tears run down his face, and into the sweat ridden blood around his neck.

With difficulty making the words, "New friend Durnic, you say shield wall, I say yes. Want keep people safe."
Zeth continues to watch silently, his gaze measuring, before looking thoughtfully into the mug he holds, a large one with leaves engraved into it. He takes another sip from his drink, finishing the contents, and stands.

"Trunk. I am leaving for some time to deal with undead that need purification. I would invite you, but I do not know your skills well enough to entrust my life to you, or that of my companions, and the place we are going does not allow for...-thoughtful pause-...easy retreat."

His eyes again drift to the collar, before he speaks again, his furred fingers clenching tightly to the mug within them.

"When I return, I would like to speak with you, and learn who you are."

The green-clad shaman tilts his head inquisitively to the side, clearly awaiting answer.
With a relieved speech patter, to Zeth, "If you want know, I tell. But now must clean mess so no trouble for Trunk." He continues his chanting for a minute, lost in his work. "Wish you safe travels."
The shaman nods, and heads towards the kitchen, where he spends a minute cleaning his mug, which he repacks into his satchel.

He passes back through the tavern, stopping long enough to say,

"Safe travels, all of you. The Earth be strong beneath your feet."

He adjusts his cloak and satchel, opens the front door, then departs.
Zeth gives a smiling nod towards the Biata as he leaves.
Durnic stands quickly, his pipe falling from his mouth and hitting the table with a crack. His sword is half out of it's scabbard before he realizes that there is no immediate danger. After sighing visibly and slamming his sword back into it's sheath, Durnic walks over to Trunk and glances quickly at Trunk's artwork while Bjorn helps him up. After placing both hands on each of Trunk's shoulders, his steely eyes bore into the young Orc and he says, "whoever did this to you is not here now. You are free to make your own decisions. If I were you, I would start by taking that collar off and leaving it off forever."
Bjorn quickly pulls up the hood on his cloak and without facing the other's in the tavern says "Trunk, you know where to find me. The grouse will be ready in an hours time. "
He waves over his shoulder and leaves the tavern, nodding to the man outside as he passes.
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Shuddering, looking at the work in his hands, troubled, shaking his head aide to side, "No no no, he know this town, saw visit town, no one hurt bad man of many name. He come in tournament, I hide under table, lost and scared, lost and scared, lost and scared, pulled my cord, no one came, not one word . . ." He dashes to the dish pit to drop off most of the mess and comes back frantically striding with a rag and bucket in hand.

"Many names for bad man, many names, all bad. Lash of the pack; Prince of the Raging Plains; The Grand Blood Mystic; and Cheshire Devil. Bad name for each bad thing he do . . . I clean many things after bad man, broken bloody burned and bashed" Trunk hurridly goes to cleaning.

"Wear collar so if found, take back lost and scared, lost and scared . . . Or bad man make bad things happen to me. Wear collar for when he come find me, he always find me, lost and scared lost and scared."

"New friend Durnic, you know goblin with scar for ear? He bad man worse than thing scare babies at night when away from mommies and daddies. Lost and scared, pull the cord, safe and sound till we hear word."
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Durnic's brows furrow heavily while he responds, "I do not know this goblin, Trunk, but if I have anything to say about it, he will face justice for what he has been doing to you and everyone else he has hurt." Durnic reaches his hand out to Trunk and says, "you are your own person and no one can truly take that from you if you do not want them to. You should consider removing that collar."
With a determined scowl at his own feet, he gruffly utters, "Hate collar, hate with all words. But lost and scared. One eared goblin still haunt dreams, haunt town, think he still hear me want me hurt me burn me. He find me know he find me soon he find me hurt me take me. When feel not lost, not scared, not hiding, not alone, not running; when feel warm home like cozy with wolves, when feel safe like pups with mom wolf, when goblin with one ear no care or chase, I burn collar on his body."

"Durnic, you good man, like few others. Do not worry much over Trunk . . . " Trunk seems to be calming down from his episode earlier. The table is clean, and he returns his cleaning suppliea to the happy dwarf Fargal in the kitchen, thanking him foor his kindness. He returns, looking a bit tired, sweat dried to his face.

He sits, and stares off for a few seconds. "What you do when lost and scared new friend? How make you feel not lost, not scared?"
Fargal ponders what he has heard.
He asks," Brother Trunks would you be interested in learning to smith. That way you can help more. Also this goblin you speak of sounds like the Dreaded One Ear. I had the misfortune of fighting him a few times. I believe even Durnic has seen him. Enough on that I am gladly open to teaching you smithing."
As thoughtfully as can be expected "Dreaded One Ear good name for bad man, good as any. Hope no see him, maybe time at farm will help me hide not here. Like idea learn smith, but Bjorn, Scales, he know smith, he fix me many time. But can you teach me teach? Refugees where Durnic and Trunk go need learn, so I need teach, but you need teach me teach to teach . . . " He scratches his head at that, apparently confused at his own words. I very good at animals, and in woods. Since before they have houses they have woods, they need learn woods stuff."

Trunk leans back in his chair a little, looks like he sits up straight, makes up his mind, and has a little bit of pride in his posture, "Yes, I want learn teach, and shield, then maybe smith. Want help gentle people be not hurt. Want to work farm named Flynt with good people, make safe place for lost and scared people, then maybe I feel not lost and scared like them, maybe feel safe, maybe not fear the Cheshire Devil, the Dreaded One Ear, maybe take off collar. I think that what I do, with help of you and Durnic, maybe, maybe I not lost and scared."
Aye, my brother Fargal is correct.. I have heard of this One Ear being called by some of the other names you mention Trunk. I believe there is also a standing vendetta between Thousand Bones of the Bleeding Eye and this vile goblin.
"On Cheshire Demon last day, I think be good day for town. Then less people feel lost and scared. When we get strong enough, maybe we make him not come back. Would like that."